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Adjustable Beds

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Adjustable beds are bed types that have modifiable bases, making them suitable for sleeping, reading, watching TV, and other activities. This bed type allows users to adjust the head and foot to their specific preferences and comfort levels. At Sleep Essentials, customers can expect to get a wide range of adjustable bed frames in different sizes. The common mattress we sell include King, Queen, Twin XL, and more. Some of the beds we offer come with adjustable head positions only, while others offer adjustable head and foot positions.

Sleep Essentials carries different brands of adjustable beds for customers to choose from. Browse our inventory to get familiar with the different brands offered in this collection.
Benefits of Adjustable Beds
Adjustable beds offer a wide range of advantages, including pain relief, targeted support, and personalized comfort. Many users have come to find other advantages they never knew existed, including making their beds the perfect spot for reading, watching TV, and relaxing. Looking to buy an adjustable bed? Here are some advantages

Allergy Relief – Adjustable beds allow users to elevate their upper bodies. This reduces sinus pressure caused by allergies and supports a better night’s rest.

Combats Swelling – People with health concerns, athletes, and pregnant women can use adjustable beds to combat swelling by elevating their feet and lower body.

Breathe with Ease – Upper body elevation made possible by Adjustable beds makes sleeping a lot easier for people with asthma, sleep apnea and snoring. The elevated upper body removes pressure from the lungs and aids proper airflow.

How To Buy
All of the adjustable bed products listed on our website are available for purchase. Once you’ve found your perfect adjustable bed, add it to your cart and enjoy worry-free secure checkout, including available financing options.