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Arrangement Recommendation 4 (AR4) Latex Mattress

This is the Arrangement Recommendation 4 (AR4).

  • Medium Firm Top Layer
  • Ultra Firm Middle Layer
  • Ultra Firm Bottom Layer
  • Tencel Cover

From $1,200.00

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Arrangement Recommendation 4 (AR4) Latex Mattress

The Arrangement Recommendation 4 (AR4) latex mattress is our firmest model of the four recommended firmness arrangements we make. If you are heavier or just like a really firm surface, the AR4 latex mattress might be right for you. With a bottom and middle layer of ultra firm natural latex you will get the support you need to sleep flat, which is most important. And with the medium firm top layer you’ll get the pressure point relief you need without sinking down into it like a gosh-awful memory foam mattress.

Do you sleep hot? Well you certainly don’t want to sleep in memory foam and sink down in a mattress real deeply. With our all natural latex foam, you won’t sleep hot. Because it is an open-celled foam, it can breathe. In addition, the latex foam has a pencil size hole every square inch of the surface so air can flow through it. Lastly, our mattresses are covered in a cool Tencel stretch-knit fabric that allows the latex to mold to your body. There is no other sleep surface that compares to our all natural latex foam.

You’ll spend nearly a third of your life in a mattress, which means you should probably put some thought into the purchase. Amazingly, finding the right mattress for you is simple right here on our website. We have only four firmness models to choose from and with just these four firmness models, we make almost everyone very happy. They are happy knowing they aren’t going to sleep hot and that their mattress will last for decades. In addition, people are very happy knowing that it is all natural. And that our mattress won’t make them sick from the toxic fire retardant chemicals that are in virtually all mattresses today, sadly.

People over 250 pounds often find that traditional innerspring mattresses can leave them feeling “slugged by the springs” or cause back pain. The best solution for this is our Arrangement Recommendation 4 (AR4) latex mattress. The Ultra Firm layers provide additional support while helping to better balance a person’s weight for more even and comfortable support.

Included In This Recommendation

  • Medium Firm Top Layer
  • Ultra Firm Middle Layer
  • Ultra Firm Bottom Layer
  • Tencel Cover

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9", 12"


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