Sleep Essentials, Inc.

10 Year Limited Warranty

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Warranty information on the materials sold by Sleep Essentials, Inc. (build your own

The materials purchased from Sleep Essentials, Inc., consists of two basic parts, the slabs of latex and the zip-on cover, and each part is treated differently under these warranty terms.  They are listed accordingly below.  One of the extraordinary characteristics of our warranty that is unlike our competitors in the mattress industry:  Stains do not void any aspect of this warranty!

Latex Layers – 10 Year Warranty

Our core material consisting of 3 three inch thick layers of natural latex rubber comes with a non-prorated limited warranty.  Our warranty protects this material against any and all body impressions greater than 0.5 inches and against softening for ten full years.  It is understood that this limited warranty does not include a normal hardening and crusting of the foam, which occurs over time and from exposure to UV sunlight.  It is also understood that the natural smell of latex is not a warranty issue which does dissipate over time.

Cover Material – 1 Year Warranty

Our cover material that covers all foam (called the “cover”) comes with a non-prorated warranty for 365 days from the date of purchase.  Our warranty protects this material against defects in manufacturing.  It does not cover normal wear associated with washing and it does not cover normal wear associated with usage.

Replacement stipulations

If any part of this mattress meets the warranty requirements for replacement, that replacement is a one time replacement only.  If the same issue occurs again that triggered a warranty replacement the first time, the warranty is voided the second time and no replacement will occur.  In order to prove a body impression deeper than 0.5 inches, customer must place a straight edge across the mattress and measure the dip and take a digital photo and submit it to Sleep Essentials via one of our email addresses.  If the customer did not purchase a matching foundation (boxsprings) from Sleep Essentials, they must also measure any sag that might exist in the surface (foundation, boxsprings, platform bed, etc.) the mattress is on.  In order to verify that the mattress is not simply following  a dip that exists in such surface, the customer must also put a straight edge across the surface the mattress is on and take a digital photo and also submit to any Sleep Essentials email address to prove no dip exists there.