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A Comprehensive Mattress Size Chart for Every Bedroom

Are you looking to buy a new mattress? Knowing what to buy can save you a lot of stress. While the quality and comfort of your mattress matter, its size is also a huge factor to consider. Here is a detailed mattress size chart to guide you on your buying journey.

The Different Mattress Sizes

Selecting the right mattress size can make a huge difference. Imagine purchasing your mattress only to find it won’t fit into your bed. Follow the detailed mattress size guide to choose the right mattress sizes.

Twin Mattress Dimensions

38″ x 75″

Twin-size mattresses are the smallest-sized standard mattress for your home and comfort needs. Measuring 38″ x 75″, Twin size mattresses are perfect for children’s rooms. You can also put them on bunk beds, guest rooms, and small bedrooms.

Twin XL Mattress Dimensions

38″ x 80″

The twin XL mattress is the same width as the twin mattress but has more legroom for taller individuals. With the extra 5 inches in length, it can be safely deployed for single-person use. The twin XL mattresses are perfect for smaller rooms and taller individuals. It can be used in small bedrooms, guest rooms, and children’s rooms.

Full Mattress Dimensions

54″ x 74″

If you have growing children going into their teens, the full mattress may be the best option for them. At 54″ x 74″, this mattress can easily fit into guest rooms and standard bedrooms.

The full mattress is perfect for single sleepers and is economical in price while offering more space compared to the twin XL mattresses. For cost comparison, you can choose two full mattresses over a single queen mattress. 

Queen Mattress Dimensions

60″ x 80″

Queen mattresses are the commonest type of mattress in any mattress store Roanoke. They are fast selling too. You can find queen mattresses in most couples’ bedrooms and even in hotel rooms. They are spacious at 60″ x 80″ and comfortable.

Although larger than other types of mattresses discussed above, the size fits well in a standard bedroom. Queen mattresses are perfect for new couples, partners, etc. They are cost-effective for families looking to sleep together in the same space.

Due to the increased popularity of the queen-size mattress, you’re likely to find it in different styles. Walk into any mattress store, and you’re sure to find a selection of this ready to sell.

King Size Mattress Dimensions

76″ x 80″

King-size mattresses are less common compared to queen-size mattresses. Many consumers see the extra width as negligible, especially considering the added cost of purchase.

King mattresses are perfect for luxury suites and comfort. You’ll often find this mattress size in upscale hotel rooms and mid to luxury homes. They offer more sleeping space and more room to share among partners.

Partners who prefer to avoid body contact when sleeping may find the extra space relaxing. The king mattress is the perfect choice if you have a spacious room and a child or pet in your bed. 

California King Mattress Dimensions

72″ x 84″

This is truly the king of luxury and comfort. The California king mattress is the largest and biggest mattress on the size chart. While it trims off a few inches in width, it makes up for it in length. This mattress size is perfect for extra tall people needing extra length to accommodate their bodies.

The California king mattress does not have as much room as the king mattress, which means three people may not enjoy as much space sleeping on it. 

With the 4″ difference in width, you get added advantage as the California King mattress fits better in large rooms compared to the wider king mattresses. 

In essence, the California king mattress is perfect for you if you’re more interested in height than width.

Knowing the size of your mattress is not only great for comfort and satisfaction. It is also important for proper fit. We encourage you to visit our mattress store near me if you’re lost and can’t seem to decide which size is best for you. Our representatives will walk you through the different sizes and get a measurement of your room to help.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage comfort and aesthetics by recommending comfortable and right-size mattresses. You can also browse our inventory of adjustable beds to select the best option for your needs.