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Dangerous Evidence

Could your mattress be harmful to your health? Sleep Essentials addresses the toxic evidence against mattresses and mattress materials today.  This stuff should anger every American because the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations are severely harming thousands of Americans and they don’t even know their health problems could be coming from their mattress they unsuspectingly believe is perfectly safe, which it isn’t.  Chemicals and glass fibers are in all mattresses today EXCEPT OURS!

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Securing a chemical-free mattress in VA, FL, or TX is a priority that Sleep Essentials is deeply committed to. Have you ever brought a new mattress home and experienced a “new mattress smell?” This was likely due to the chemicals in the mattress material, and their effects on your body are more critical than you may realize.

Learn More About Volatile Organic Compounds

According to CNET, there are long-term risks of chemical-filled mattresses such as fertility problems, neurological issues, as well as various issues in the kidneys, liver, thyroid, lungs, or heart. Volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) are released into the air with chemical-filled items that are used or interacted with. The heat from your body, when you lay on this kind of mattress, triggers the release of more toxic gas from the bedding material. The effects of these harmful contaminants add up every night that you sleep on your bed. Give Sleep Essentials a call for more information on finding a chemical-free mattress FL, VA, or TX store locations offer.

Hopefully, the clips we’ve linked above have provided helpful information about the various dangers that come with unverified bedding products, such as volatile organic compounds or even fiberglass. Securing an organic or chemical-free mattress in VA, FL, TX, or wherever you’re located is the solution that you’re looking for. Sleep Essentials is proud to provide mattresses and bedding arrangements that are technology-proven to be protective while being comfortable. Finding a source of safe mattress products is important to further understand how to protect yourself when you sleep or simply relax on your bed every day.

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If you’re ready to purchase a chemical-free mattress in FL, TX, or VA, turn to Sleep Essentials today! We are proud to offer a range of high-quality products that are not only comfortable but free of harmful contaminants. Our selection of mattress toppers, latex pillows, mattress arrangements, and adjustable beds are guaranteed to meet your comfort and safety needs.