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Arrangement Recommendation 2 (AR2) Latex Mattress

This is the Arrangement Recommendation 2 (AR2).

  • Soft Top Layer
  • Medium Middle Layer
  • Medium Bottom Layer
  • Tencel Cover

From $1,200.00

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Arrangement Recommendation 2 (AR2) Latex Mattress

The Arrangement Recommendation 2 (AR2) latex mattress is our most popular model. Choosing a mattress is a tough decision. First of all, you need to decide what qualities are the most important to you and what constitutes a quality mattress in your mind. Nowadays, there are so many combinations of materials and features that it seems impossible to make an informed choice about which type of mattress would be best for you. For starters, you’ll need to determine the size of the mattress and type of frame that you want; but what about customizing your bed arrangement with the use of mattress toppers and covers for the ultimate in nighttime comfort?

At Sleep Essentials, the Arrangement Recommendation 2 (AR2) latex mattress is our best seller; and for good reason. The AR2 is the best of all worlds with two bottom layers of medium and a top layer of soft. It also has several pressure relief points for average-size sleepers. The AR2 is a great choice for those who know comfort is their top priority. With its construction, it helps reduce pressure points on your hips and shoulders, making it ideal for side sleepers.

Recommended Arrangement 2 consists of a middle and bottom layer of medium firmness, which is perfect for the majority of sleepers. In addition, we finish off this recommendation with a soft top layer for extra cushion and comfort, and a cotton cover to help protect your bed.

Some customers prefer the AR2 without the soft top layer, creating a firmer sleeping surface. Whatever your ideal firmness and comfort level for your bed, Sleep Essentials will help you find the best solution!

If you want to get an even more customized approach to your mattress and bedding purchase, visit us at one of our local mattress retail stores in Virginia and North Carolina! Whether you purchase online or in store, don’t forget to ask about our worry free financing options.

Included In This Recommendation

  • Soft Top Layer
  • Medium Middle Layer
  • Medium Bottom Layer
  • Cotton Cover

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9", 12"


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