Mattress Buyers Guide

Tips For Your Next Mattress Purchase

At Sleep Essentials, we aim to help you to make informed decisions. We offer all the help you need to answer questions about when, where, and what to buy when getting a new mattress. We also help you to make the right mattress purchase decisions for you and your family’s needs. Do you wish to get the best out of your mattress? Learn more about mattress care from us.

When Should You Replace A Mattress?

If you have ever wondered when the right time to replace your mattress is, then you may already need a new mattress. However, some tell-tale signs establish the need for a new mattress. With one-third of your life spent sleeping, having the best mattress is essential. Taking into consideration how long you spend on your bed on average, your worry regarding a new mattress is justified. Below are some of the signs to watch out for.
Waking Up Sore Or Tired

Sleep time is expected to be a refreshing time. Your body is expected to rest and replenish itself during your sleep time so that you can wake up energetic and ready to face the new day. However, if you find yourself tired after hours of sleep or you find yourself feeling sore, then your mattress is no longer serving its duties. Getting a new mattress can help you to relax better while also offering the sleep comfort and support needed by your body.

Worn, Lumpy, Or Saggy Mattress
Your mattress is expected to be smooth and uniformed to offer the deserved night of rest. However, if you notice that your mattress has become lumpy in some areas or it has worn out, chances are high that this may be affecting the quality of your sleep.
You’ve Abandoned Your Mattress For The Couch
Sometimes you find that sleeping on the couch or recliner is more restful compared to sleeping on your mattress. When this happens, it is an indication that your body is no longer getting the comfort it deserves from your mattress. It is time to invest in a new one.
You Can’t Remember The Last Time You Bought A Mattress
Many sleep experts recommend that mattresses should be changed at least 7 years apart. 7 years is a long time to use a mattress and so if you can’t remember the last time you invested in a mattress, chances are high that it’s close to the 7-year mark. Choose to invest in a new mattress to improve your sleep quality.
Your Partner Is Having A Rough Time Sleeping
If your partner is having a hard time sleeping, there is a good chance that your mattress may be the problem. Invest in your health and your partner’s by boosting sleep quality and relaxation with a new mattress.

Caring For Your New Mattress

Buying a new mattress comes with a lot of responsibilities. Your mattress deserves love and care, an investment that will pay off by improving the quality of your sleep. To care for your mattress, below are some guidelines to follow;


Take care of your sheets and mattress protection frequently. It is recommended that you launder them in hot water weekly. This removes allergens and irritants like dander, pollen, and dust mites.

Protect your investment

Like any other investment, your mattress needs the protection it can get to boost your sleep quality. Invest in periodic cleaning and washing to get rid of allergens. You can also invest in the right vacuum head – flat nozzle- to get rid of dust particles and food crumbs.

Zip-on, zip-off

If you purchased a mattress with a removable cover, remove the cover for washing as frequently as possible to remove stains, dirt, and dust.

Mattress Types

It’s no secret that mattresses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Your mattress might need to be just as unique as you are in order for you to get a good night’s sleep. The materials in your mattress matter. From choosing materials based on comfort level to choosing materials based on organic and chemical free options, Sleep Essentials has you covered. Let our sleep experts help you determine the best mattress for you based on several key factors.

While traditional spring mattresses are preferred by some, many more sleepers are turning to latex mattresses that offer a wider range of support and comfort to a larger variety of users who sleep in a variety of positions.

Box Spring vs Adjustable Base

Traditional mattresses have always included a box spring foundation. However, many people have been choosing alternative mattress foundation options in recent years, many offering better style and functionality to a room.

Upholstered mattress foundations are eye-catching and luxurious. Add style to any room and protect your mattress investment with the right foundation. Conversely, adjustable bases have been picking up in popularity because they add more function to your mattress. Adjustable base foundations allow you to adjust the height of your head and legs of your mattress and work with virtually any mattress type.

Firmness Scale

Some beds are softer than others, and it often depends on your personal preference. Sleep Essentials offers tons of customization when it comes to your mattress so that you can sleep easy, no matter how you sleep! 

Size Chart

If you are looking for a new mattress, you will have a lot of things to consider, including firmness and size. A twin sized mattress may be ideal for a child’s bedroom, but you’ll want at least a Queen sized bed for a master bedroom. Queen sized mattresses are the most commonly purchased and are ideal for guest bedrooms and mid sized bedrooms. Sleep Essentials offers mattresses from Twin to California King. Not sure what size mattress would be best for your home?

Talk to one of our sleep experts today and we’ll help you choose the best mattress for your room based on size and firmness.