Sleep Essentials, Inc.

Comfort Assurance Policy

We are dedicated to our customers being satisfied with their purchase. Whether it’s a chemical-free mattress in TX or an adjustable bed in FL, Sleep Essentials wants to match you with your specific needs at your store location. This is why we offer a 60 day Comfort Assurance. If you buy any one of our Arrangement Recommendation models, you have 60 days to determine if you need to firm it up or soften it. In such a case, you can get a new layer free of charge to help assure you have the right firmness. In order to qualify, you simply need to wait 20 days after you’ve received the mattress to try the original purchase and get adjusted to it. If you cannot get perfectly adjusted, just call us and we will confirm your purchase and the arrival of your mattress and if you’ve surpassed the first 20 days, we will send you a new layer of your choice for free. The only expense to you is shipping the new layer. If anyone who purchases from outside the Continental United States, shipping charges and any duties/taxes must be paid by the customer before we will ship a free replacement layer. It is understood that our 60 day Comfort Assurance Policy does not apply to Build Your Own Firmness models but only to one of the four AR beds (Arrangement Recommendation beds).

This comfort assurance policy is not to be construed to mean we will send you a whole new mattress free of charge nor is it to be construed to mean we will take your mattress back. We cannot take back used mattresses. Mattresses are personal items so we cannot resell nor reuse them. So you have nothing to return to us. We sincerely hope this Comfort Assurance Policy will make our customers fully happy with their purchase.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our range of products, including how to find an organic mattress or an adjustable bed in FL, TX, or VA store locations.