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Sleep Essentials is always ready to help when it comes to getting you a better night’s sleep. We offer tons of mattress buying guides and resources to help you select the perfect mattress for your individual needs.

If you are considering or have already purchased a mattress from Sleep Essentials, take advantage of our available resources to get the most out of your purchase.

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If you have purchased a mattress with Sleep Essentials, you can track your recent purchase, review receipts, manage your financing payments and more through your account on our site.
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Mattress Warranty

All mattresses from Sleep Essentials come backed by our 10-year limited warranty. We’re not here to sell you a mattress at high prices so that we can make a profit. We’re here to help you find your best night’s sleep, for up to 10 years!

Mattress Education

Do you need a little extra info about the mattress buying process, or what makes a good mattress? Check out our Mattress Education video series where our experts teach you about the common misconceptions and shortcomings that you could meet when looking for the perfect mattress.

Carbon Neutral Certification

Did you know that our natural latex foam is made carbon neutral?
Check out our carbon neutral certification.

Mattress Buyer’s Guide

Having a tough time deciding on the best mattress for you? Check out our comprehensive Mattress Buyers Guide and see what steps a Sleep Essentials pro recommends you take - and what to look out for - when you are in the market for a new mattress or bed arrangement.

Comfort Assurance Policy

A mattress is a big investment. That’s why Sleep Essentials provides a 60 day Comfort Assurance Policy. Try your mattress for 20 days, and if you aren’t satisfied, give us a call and let us help you change your mattress build to better suit your needs.

Sleep Financing

Looking to save money on your next mattress purchase? Interested in a new mattress but short on cash? Sleep Essentials offers easy financing options through Paypal or Affirm so that you can start sleeping better now and pay off your mattress in smaller installments.

GOLS Certification

Global Organic Latex Standard establishes a clear path from farm to manufacturer when it comes to organic latex products. GOLS approved products may contain not only certified natural rubber latex, but other approved materials and accessories as well.
View our GOLS Certification certificate.

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