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Your mattress. It’s a big investment to your time, your wallet, and your health. If your mattress has outlived its usefulness and has become misshapen and uncomfortable, or if you simply don’t feel that your bed is offering the support that you need, your health could be at risk. Our Roanoke mattress experts have spent years learning what makes a good mattress so that we can pass that knowledge onto our customers at our mattress store in Roanoke, VA. Whether you prefer a soft or a firm surface, Sleep Essentials can help you to find a bed that keeps you sleeping soundly for years to come and waking up refreshed and energized.

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Finding a mattress is a big investment of your time. You might want to learn everything you can about the latest materials and densities available for your new bed. You might want to test beds in different heights and firmness levels. You might simply want to see the mattress you want before you commit to making a purchase and bringing it home! Our Roanoke retail mattress store has a great team of friendly and helpful sleep professionals who can help you determine the best mattress for you based on your needs and your sleeping preferences.

Stop into our Roanoke showroom and try out a new mattress, or check out our full selection of mattresses, foundations, and mattress toppers at At Sleep Essentials, we are proud to offer mattresses that have been tested for dangerous chemicals and are risk-free. That’s why you can enjoy your sleep without worrying about health issues induced by the mattress to your family.

The Adjustable Beds Fashion

Today it’s smarter to take advantage of your bedroom and use it as your personal space to live and recreate. Adjustable beds have been invented to offer you a new way to view your bedroom, apart from being another room to fall asleep. At Sleep Essentials store, you can find a complete collection of adjustable beds in Roanoke to please all users.

They are made with stainless steel, aluminum, and other high-quality and durable materials to ensure they can stand your body weight. Their integrated mattress can adjust to any reclining position, helping you to work, watch TV, relax your legs, and even fall asleep. There is a remote control to adjust the bed in its various positions. Users may also choose to download a mobile application to take control of their beds through their smartphones. Adjustable beds are also fancy since they are the only which offer lighting underneath the bed and allow you to have a relaxing massage when you desire.

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Choosing to try and order our mattresses and adjustable beds is simple, fast, and beneficial. You don’t have to commute to the city center and spend hours in traffic. Our customers benefited from the ten-year warranty period and services that can boost the softness of the mattress in case it depreciates. We like to be a part of the local community and give high-quality products to our customers. Our reputation has gone far and beyond, and every day we thrive to maintain our quality products and services for our loyal Virginia clients.

Sleep Essentials in Roanoke, VA, offers you all you need for your bedding needs, including pillows, sheets, and bed foundations that will last for a lifetime. 

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There is a lot to your bed besides the mattress. From foundations to sheets and pillows, you’ll be able to find everything you need to sleep soundly.