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For many, a mattress foundation is an afterthought. After all, you won’t be sleeping on the foundation! But the support that you choose for your new mattress does matter; it can provide additional support for your mattress and allow for extra storage space if needed.

Mattress foundations are designed to maintain effective support for the mattress, but they can also serve as an elegant feature to any bedroom. Beyond the tired old box spring, foundations can be made of various materials such as wood or metal that allow for more artistic styles and stable designs.

A mattress foundation is about more than aesthetics; it serves a very important purpose when it comes to a restful night’s sleep. A quality foundation will protect and enhance your investment in your new bed, provide stability, and prolong the life of your new mattress.

At Sleep Essentials, you can find elegant mattress foundations, fully assembled with legs, for as low as $23/month with our financing programs.

Affordable Mattress Foundation Assembly
A mattress will serve you better when raised up from the ground. While many younger mattress owners have taken to simply stacking a mattress and box spring on the bare floor, this can cause issues with circulation and lead to hotter nights. By raising the mattress approximately 6 inches (or up to 18 inches with an adjustable frame), you allow for better circulation that keeps the mattress cooler while sleeping for a more restful night.

If you have a smaller space but still want the benefits of a foundation, look for something less bulky or easily collapsible.
What To Consider When Buying A New Foundation
A mattress foundation should be firm and comfortable at the same time; it should not put additional pressure on your body. In fact, a good foundation should add to the back and neck support that your mattress is providing. There are a few additional things that you should consider when purchasing a new mattress and foundation, such as:

Adjustability – Some foundations adjust to fit your mattress perfectly. This makes it easy for you to alter the bed and is a great feature if you plan on using an adjustable frame with your foundation.

Size – The size of your mattress foundation should correspond to the size of your mattress. This makes it easier to adjust the various parts and components and makes for a more comfortable night’s sleep in the long run.

Functionality – Your foundation should make it easier to get in and out of bed, as well as maintain a proper sleeping position. A good foundation will have flexibility and give you more support as you sleep—without putting any pressure on your back or body.

Construction – You’ll also want to check the foundation for any weak spots, and see that it’s made from sturdy materials. It should also be easy to clean and maintain a smooth, well-polished appearance.

At Sleep Essentials, we believe in providing you with everything you need for a good night’s sleep. When you purchase a foundation from Sleep Essentials, you’ll receive a fully assembled upholstered foundation with legs that is designed to enhance the benefits of your new mattress. Call today and speak to one of our friendly sales team about the mattress foundation options available.

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