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About Our Retail Location


Sleep Essentials first showroom was opened in July 2004 in Roanoke, Virginia. If you can, please come visit as so many others have done, even from as far away as Canada, Florida, Texas, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

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About Our Retail Location

Sleep Essentials is proud to be able to help those in need of a good night’s sleep throughout the United States.  We’ve had customers even drive from as far away as Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, and even Canada!  Our prominently located and welcoming retail mattress stores where our friendly and knowledgeable staff are waiting to introduce you to your best night of rest.

Roanoke Location

3542 Orange Ave 540-397-2337

We all know that a good mattress can make the difference between a rough night and a great one. But not just any mattress will do — you need to find one that's right for you, your body, and your budget. Life is already complicated as it is and buying a new mattress shouldn’t. Lee is always happy to answer any questions that you might be having about Arrangement Recommendations and the type of mattress to go for depending on your needs. From bed frames to mattresses for all sleepers, we’ve got you covered.

Choosing the right mattress can be a tad too challenging. Do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach? Unsure of the right mattress to get if you’re a couple? Fret not, all you have to do is to visit our Roanoke mattress store to get started.