Sleep Essentials, Inc.

About Us

Who We Are

Sleep Essentials consists of three mattress retail locations.  Our first retail location started in Roanoke, Virginia.  Our second location was opened in Richmond, Virginia.  And our third location was opened in Raleigh, NC.  If you can, please come visit one of our mattress showrooms.

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A Few Words About

Our Team

In each retail location you will find the most helpful and professional sales associates.  In the Roanoke mattress showroom, you will likely be helped by Kevin Lynn who has been with us since 2016.  He is probably our most experienced sales associate.  But, he comes with a warning!  Don’t bring up the subject of working out because he will talk to you for hours!

In our Richmond showroom you will find either Kevin Johnson or Len McClanahan.  They are our “senior” sales associates and are gentlemen in the truest sense.  You can check our what our customer’s have said about them on their mattress retail location Facebook page here.

Then in our Raleigh showroom you will find Nikki Lee and it is possible when you meet her you will get a hug, and if not literally, you’ll feel like you’ve been hugged after you’ve been helped by her.  You can learn more about that retail location on their Facebook page here.

Because of our great staff, and great product line, we’ve had customers drive from out of state to see us.  We’ve even had someone drive from Canada to visit our Roanoke retail showroom.  So please don’t let distance prevent you from a great experience and a great natural latex product without chemicals.  After all, isn’t your health and sleep worth it?

Roanoke Location

3542 Orange Ave 540-397-2337

Richmond Location

5391 Glen Alden Drive 804-396-1879

Raleigh Location

5249 Capital Blvd. 919-977-0228