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“Memory Foam Dust”

Most of the mattress industry is primarily about marketing rather than making a great product. “New Technology” in sleep is rarely about new and better

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Latex is the Most Durable

I’ve told people for almost two decades that latex is the most durable cushioning material available known to mankind. I’ve even produced law labels off

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Latex Foam vs. Plastic Foam

What is the durability of a polyurethane foam mattress versus a natural latex foam mattress? Here I illustrate the difference in durability by two testimonials

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Mattress Sale

“Sales” Are Always Fake

Half Off Mattress Sales, Presidents Day Sales, Memorial Day Sales, Labor Day Sales, Black Friday Sales, 4th of July Sales, etc., are always FAKE! Companies

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The 7 Year Itch

The Better Sleep Council sounds like an organization trying to help people sleep better. The problem is, they are a front group for the International

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Rashes and Itching

Now I’d like to read to you a two part testimonial I got from a lady named Velma in 2010.  “I’m sorry this is taking

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