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    Build Your Own Mattress

    Build From $1,200.00

What could be better than getting exactly what you want?  Here you can build your own mattress and do just that!  Imagine going to a home builder and ordering your dream home, with the kitchen designed and arranged just as you like to use it?  And imagine getting your bathroom the exact size and the bedroom the right design to help you sleep?  And to top it off, you can get this home at a price that is like buying a cookie cutter home?  I imagine you would be ecstatic.  And this very thing is what you can get in your mattress!

With our materials you can choose from six different firmness levels of this 100 percent natural latex foam, pick those layers and arrange them the way you want.  Moreover, get what you want and something possibly completely different for your spouse.  What could be better?  Natural latex foam rubber is the most durable, most natural, most breathable, and most comfortable cushioning material made.  On top of all of this, by making your mattress yourself, you can get a mattress void of any government regulations which means your mattress will not be treated with fire retardant chemicals.  This simply cannot be beat.

If you are not sure you want to build your own mattress configuration, we certainly understand.  This is why we’ve made it easy with our Arrangement Recommendations.  One of our four recommendations is sure to fit your needs.  Check them out more closely and watch the videos to learn which firmness recommendation may be right for you here.

Learn more about the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) on the GOLS website here.

Learn more about the fire retardant chemical issue with these videos here.

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