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Buying a pillow can seem like such a daunting task, especially with so many new and innovative options available for a more supportive or cooler night of sleep. The right pillow can help you stay better rested and wake up without aches and pains. When you are in the market for new pillows and bedding for your home, think about the way in which you sleep, whether you are a hot or cold sleeper, and whether or not you have any neck or shoulder pain.


Pillows play a significant role in the quality of sleep a person gets and even the body’s overall health. Using an unsuitable pillow can result in insomnia and physical problems such as back and neck pain. It’s therefore essential for you to choose your pillow wisely. When shopping for a pillow, one major thing to consider is your sleep style. Start by figuring out whether you’re a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper.

Latex Pillows
At Sleep Essentials, we recommend latex pillows as a natural, hypoallergenic option. Latex pillows are great for relieving pressure on certain areas of the body, such as the spine and joints, making them perfect for individuals with arthritis or other musculoskeletal conditions. Latex pillows and bedding are often a bit more expensive than their traditional counterparts, but they are also made from more eco-friendly and higher quality materials that will provide a longer lasting pillow.

One of the most important tips for purchasing a pillow is to first figure out your sleep position. This way, you’ll find a pillow that is more ergonomically designed to provide comfort and support for your specific sleeping style.

Our latex pillows are made from hypoallergenic natural latex and are free from harmful chemicals. They are long-lasting, and they provide adequate support while sleeping. They are suitable for all types of sleeping positions and help relieve pressure and pain.

Contact us at Sleep Essentials to purchase all-natural latex pillows at affordable prices. We offer GOLS Natural latex pillows which are soft, moldable, and don’t go flat, making them suitable for all sleeping positions. We also offer Shredded Latex “Fluff” Pillows which puff up to give thicker and firmer support.

The Side Sleeper

Side sleepers will often need thick pillows that can fill in the gaps between their neck and shoulder. In addition to considering the thickness of the pillow, you should also consider the firmness. As a side sleeper, using a pillow that is too soft or thin will generally result in flattening, leading to spinal misalignment and a stiff neck in the morning. A pillow with an average of five pounds in density is ideal for side sleepers.

Side sleeping is one of the recommended sleeping postures; but if side sleepers use the wrong pillows, they can develop backache and neck pain. At Sleep Essentials, we recommend that side sleepers use thicker and firmer latex pillows to provide adequate support to their neck and shoulders. Side sleepers can also use an extra pillow between their thighs for proper support.

The Stomach Sleeper
Stomach sleepers should definitely invest in a few extra pillows. These sleepers tend to sleep on their stomachs in a way that allows their heads to naturally sink into the pillow. This leads to additional pain in the neck and spine if you are using a pillow that is too thick. Stomach sleeping is not recommended, as it can cause health issues for many. However, if you are a known side sleeper, make sure that you invest in a thinner pillow for your head and a firmer mattress that can provide additional hip and spinal alignment support.

Stomach sleepers have a habit of sleeping face down with their belly and chest resting on the mattress. Though stomach sleeping isn’t one of the healthiest sleeping postures, the right choice for pillows can help you have a better sleep. Stomach sleepers should choose an appropriate pillow that helps the neck remain in neutral alignment with the body. At Sleep Essentials, we recommend that stomach sleepers use our thin latex pillow to protect the neck from bending in several directions and retain a neutral spine alignment. Our sleep experts also advise stomach sleepers to use a pillow to support the pelvis when sleeping.

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