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Malouf Sleep S755 Adjustable Bed

  • Incline options up to 60 degrees for head, 45 degrees for foot panels
  • Extra head tilt and adjustable lumbar support help you find the perfect sleeping position
  • Five preset positions with ability to customize six more
  • Innovative Reach Assist™ moves the bed back so you’re never far away from the nightstand
  • Convenient charging ports, underbed LED nightlights, and built-in Bluetooth®
  • Access to extra customization with the award-winning Malouf Base ™ App
  • 12 head and foot massage combinations with timer

From $2,400.00

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Malouf Sleep S755 Adjustable Bed

Thanks to added head tilt and lumbar support, the premium S755 smart adjustable base allows you to fine-tune your sleep like never before. Try all five preset positions including: Zero Gravity, Anti Snore, Lounge, TV, and Flat. Plus, this high-tech upholstered base has the latest ReachAssist™ technology, pulling the bed back as you incline so you never lose your place next to the nightstand. Before you turn in for the night, wind down with a relaxing head and foot massage—with four programs, three intensities, and three time settings. Includes wireless remote (with motion-activated LED backlighting) and a 20-year warranty.

Main Features

Explore the wide range of connectivity advantages offered by the built-in Bluetooth technology. This connectivity solution makes it a lot easier to customize your sleep experience and preferences using the Malouf Base App on your mobile phone. Control the perfect sleep position for sleeping and seamlessly switch to TV and flat positions at will.

Manual Controls – You can manually control and adjust the head and foot incline, head tilt, and lumbar support manually to get the best sleep conditions.

Automatic Controls – Seamlessly move between the preset positions. Go from flat to TV to anti snore to zero gravity, and to lounge seamlessly.

Anti-Snore Detection – One of the biggest features you’ll love on the Malouf Structures M555 Adjustable Bed is its anti-snore detection. The adjustable bed has been designed to detect snoring and automatically adjust to meet your sleep needs. To make the experience even better, you can configure the options to take effect only after snoring has been detected for a length of time.

Massage Controls – Flexibly choose between the different types of massages offered as well as the duration of the massages.

Alarm Clock – Enjoy a great night of sleep and a mild alarm clock to wake you to a productive day.


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