Arrangement Recommendation 4 (AR4)

This is the Arrangement Recommendation 4 (AR4).

  • Medium Firm Top Layer
  • Ultra Firm Middle Layer
  • Ultra Firm Bottom Layer
  • Tencel Cover


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Arrangement Recommendation 4 (AR4)

Mattresses. You’ll spend nearly a third of your life in one, which means you should probably put some thought into the purchase. Finding the right mattress for you will take a little bit of research, but it will be well worth it when you wake up refreshed and pain-free every morning. The most important thing to consider when you are buying a mattress is whether it is supportive enough for your needs.

Buying a good mattress can be quite difficult. For those of you who are heavy and have been sleeping on a less-than-comfortable mattress, there are ways to make this process easier. People who are heavy often find that the coils in traditional mattresses collapse beneath their weight, making them feel like they are sleeping on a giant slinky rather than a supportive surface.

The AR 4 is the firmest mattress from the AR lineup. The AR4 is recommended for heavier people or those that prefer a sturdy surface. The bottom layers are ultra-firm while the top layers are medium firm. The AR4 is going to keep you perfectly flat when asleep. The more you weigh, the softer the foam feels. It is still a good mattress and will provide a decent night’s sleep.

People over 250 pounds often find that traditional innerspring mattresses can leave them feeling “slugged by the springs” or cause back pain. The best solution for this is our Arrangement Recommendation 4. The Ultra Firm layers provide additional support while helping to better balance a person’s weight for more even and comfortable support.

Buying a mattress for a heavy person can be quite a task. You should understand that you will need to find one that is durable enough to last over the span of many years while bearing the weight of your body every night. While some people may simply assume that a bigger person needs to buy a king-size mattress, it’s not always true. That is where the AR4 comes in. If you’re on the heavier side, try our AR4 today!.

Included In This Recommendation


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