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Arrangement Recommendation 1 (AR1)

This is the Arrangement Recommendation 1 (AR1).

  • Ultra Soft Top Layer
  • Medium Soft Middle Layer
  • Medium Soft Bottom Layer
  • Tencel Cover

From $1,200.00

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Arrangement Recommendation 1 (AR1)

As the last thing you see before you sleep every night, a mattress is an important purchase. That’s why it’s important to know how to choose one. Whether it’s your first or your fifteenth, a mattress is an investment and it should be made with care. The truth is, nothing lasts forever. Your mattress may look like it’s doing its job well – but it could be on the verge of collapse. However, most mattresses can last 10-15 years if selected correctly.

Sleep Essentials recommends Arrangement Recommendation 1 (AR1) to those that need their mattress to have plenty of softness and endless support. Latex foam is a great choice if you like the feel of our high-density support foam but want something just a little softer. AR1 is perfect for side sleepers and those with extra weight.

Sleeping on our AR1 provides additional benefits that conventional mattresses can only dream of. Not only will it give you a great night’s sleep, your muscles and back will also feel much better than on a conventional or firm mattress. For those that share a bed with a partner, we can customize the Arrangement Recommendation 1 so that it is large enough to comfortably accommodate both you and your partner, with room to spare.

Because of the support and comfort afforded by the thick latex layers in AR1, you’ll easily be able to put muscle aches and joint pain from your day to rest.

Included In This Arrangement

Dimensions N/A

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, Split Queen, King, Split King, Cal. King, Split Cal. King, Texas King Tall, Texas King Wide, Florida King, Split Florida King, Family King, Split Family King


9", 12"


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