Sleep Essentials, Inc.

From Appleton, WI to Roanoke, VA for a Mattress

Wisconsin to Virginia for a mattress

So why would a couple drive from Appleton Wisconsin to Roanoke Virginia to buy a mattress? The answer is very simple, to get the very best made. The couple drove down last Friday to try out our very famous all natural and organic latex foam mattresses. The second reason why is because ours is the only mattress that is truly chemical free. Lots of other companies claim chemical free but they don’t tell the whole story. Most like to claim they use wool as a flame barrier to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission fire retardant regulations but they don’t tell that the wool has been treated with fire retardants. This couple also drove that far because our latex mattresses are designed to support the body and spine optimally. We only make four different firmnesses and with only four mattresses, we are able to make most people happy. It doesn’t take rocket science to make a sleep surface. All these companies that claim, “the latest technology in sleep” are simply marketing new junk. Marketing, marketing, marketing, instead of quality, quality, quality. But this is not our motto nor our practice. No other mattress company in Virginia and I dare say in any other state, has people drive so far to get their mattresses.