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Ocochi Bamboo Silk Filled Luxury Pillow

Ocochi Bamboo Silk Filled Luxury Pillow – The Epitome of Luxury!

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Ocochi Bamboo Silk Filled Luxury Pillow

Our Ocochi Bamboo Silk Filled Luxury Pillow is a luxurious and health-conscious pillow. Filled with clouds of Grade AAA Mulberry Silk and encased in premium 100% Bamboo Lyocell. The cuddliest pillow you will ever sleep on!  They are beautifully supple, molding to the shape of your head and neck for optimal comfort and support.  Since they are made of all-natural fibers, these exquisite pillows help people to sleep better through a calming and breathable experience, whilst minimizing the risk of allergies because they are perfect for allergy sufferers or people who struggle with heat at night.  

This Ocochi bamboo silk filled luxury pillow is nothing like those cheap plastic foam filled pillows advertised everywhere on the internet and tv.  No, these are too good for mass marketing.  The reason is simple, products that can afford non-stop advertising must be made so cheaply that their profit margins are high enough to promote them non stop on television.  Not so with our Ocochi bamboo silk filled luxury pillows.  Yes, the price of these pillows are much higher, they are also not a “take-a-chance” throw away pillows like what is on television.  These are the real-deal pillows and YOU WILL love them.


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