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GOLS Natural Latex Pillow


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GOLS Natural Latex Pillow

If you’ve never had a GOLS Natural latex pillow, you are in for a real treat.  Shown is the raw foam latex pillow.  It comes in an organic cotton zippered cover.  Queen is 29″ Long, 5.5″ thick, 16″ wide.  King is 34″ Long, 5.5″ thick, 16″ wide.  Most pillows go flat over time but a GOLS natural latex pillow will never go flat.  They are soft and moldable, which means you can mold and fold it around your neck and head.  Because these are made of pure latex foam, you can be sure you are not sleeping on nor inhaling anything plastic or synthetic.  Moreover, our GOLS natural latex pillows come with a organic cotton zip on cover that can be removed and machine washed ensuring you can keep your latex pillow clean.

Latex is the sap of the rubber tree, therefore it is natural and not synthetic.  Because it is natural, you will not have to worry about volatile organic compounds or any other man made petrol-chemical substance.  And if you are allergic to latex, the way the latex foam is baked in an oven to vulcanize it into foam rubber, it destroys the latex protein that causes allergic reactions, so absolutely no worries over allergies to latex here.

Make sure, however, you only use this latex pillow on one of our GOLS natural latex mattresses which you can find here.  And of course, don’t forget to match it with an adjustable bed that matches your sleep or relaxing needs.

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