Sleep Essentials, Inc.

12/19/22 Customer Testimonial

I purchased a ex-large twin size sleep essential mattress for my semi truck in August. It is truly amazing!!! With any other mattress, I could only sleep for 6 hours or so before I had to get up because my lower back would start hurting. Not anymore, I can stay lying down until I am fully rested and after the first couple weeks, the bursitis in my left hip that had been bothering me for the last year or so is gone now. I am an over the road driver and recently had surgery and have been home for short term disability and replaced the nearly new queen size memory foam mattress at home.. I’m so glad I did!! What a amazing difference this has made in my life!!! I am a side sleeper and wake up several times every night and it is so much easier to fall back asleep now. The memory foam did not give me the constant support that the rubber does. I hesitated before I bought the first one for my truck because of the price but, I absolutely love it and am so glad I did. My sister who has had hip surgery bought one as well and she also loves it… I also bought two pillows and am very pleased .. I only wish I had discovered this amazing mattress years ago as I have gone through many foam and hybrid mattresses that weren’t even close and ended up with unbearable indentations that would cause me to replace them. I absolutely recommend this mattress!!!!!

Sincerely, Edward Niehorster