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Understanding the Demand for Good Mattresses

Woman's hands touching different layers of new mattress. Checking hardness and softness.

Good mattresses are in high demand, and that is fueling the exponential growth of the mattress market. According to Statista, the international mattress market was forecast to have a market value of $43 million by 2024. If you want to take control of your sleep quality, you should invest in a good mattress as soon as you can. Here’s what you need to know to understand the mattress industry and the need for good mattresses.

Health Effects

According to Sleepstation, a remote sleep therapy provider, Dr. Peter Hauri wrote a book in 1977 titled “Current Concepts: The Sleep Disorders,” that outlined the benefits of good sleep hygiene, and it began the journey of investigating the importance of sleep. Before this point, the power of sleep was not considered a crucial health factor. People became more interested in getting a good night’s sleep than ever before.

Since then, plenty of studies have found that sleep is important for good physical and mental health. Universities took a special interest in sleep studies, and before you knew it, sleep was a topic of conversation in medical communities and beyond. Sleep has taken on new importance when it comes to good health. Today, sleep quality includes not just how much sleep you get but the type of sleep you get and how mattresses, pillows, and even room temperature play a role. People are more educated about sleep hygiene than before, which has helped the global mattress market experience a lot of growth.

Quality of Sleep

Mattresses play a vital role in the quality of sleep. A high-quality mattress can envelop the user in a comfortable environment that helps to improve the quality of sleep. Today’s modern mattresses are designed to help control temperature and comfort and provide support, all of which can promote higher-quality sleep. Cooling mattresses, adjustable mattresses, pillow top mattresses, coil spring mattresses, and more are all designed to give the sleeper a unique sleeping experience.

More mattress choices are available today than before to help give sleepers a customized sleeping experience. In other words, the market offers a mattress for every preference. However, the influx of mattress options can make it tough to sort through the bad and the good. Our experts can recommend mattresses and help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Pain Management

Have you ever heard of the concept of sleeping wrong? Typically, someone will say you “slept wrong” when you complain of waking up with a backache, neck ache, or other muscle aches. The fact is, “sleeping wrong” is possible if you don’t have a good mattress. A good mattress provides support to ensure you don’t have to deal with aches and pains when you wake up.

A good mattress supplies even support for all your weight. Your body stays aligned while you sleep on a good mattress. An old, outdated mattress that’s worn out can’t provide your body with the support it needs to get healthy, restorative sleep. Consequently, you wake up feeling achy and uncomfortable.

A good indicator you need a new mattress is if you wake up several times during the night because you must change positions to get comfortable. Older mattresses sag and lose the ability to support and keep your body aligned while sleeping. Sleep is when your body heals. Disruptive sleep because of a faulty mattress disrupts the healing process as well. Many consumers blame sleep problems on their awful mattresses.

Mattress Longevity

With the high interest in sleep hygiene, a lot of research and development goes into making mattress recommendations. While recommendations can differ, every expert agrees on the length of time consumers should keep their mattresses. We’ve seen that a mattress should be replaced every eight years. Mattresses, like everything else, have an expected life span. Some manufacturers will guarantee a mattress for longer than others. When you consider how much time you spend using your mattress, eight years is a long time.

The recommendation to replace mattresses every eight years also drives the high demand for good mattresses. Many people have plans to level up in quality when they buy a new mattress. Mattress “technologies” are ever-evolving. When a consumer reaches the eight-year point with their mattress, it sets them on a search for a good mattress with the latest mattress technologies.

Much thought goes into designing mattresses accommodating a wide range of sleep preferences. Some people prefer a firmer mattress; others prefer a softer mattress. Some consumers prefer memory foam mattresses, and others prefer a more traditional coil and spring mattress. The good news is there are good mattresses for every type of sleep preference. If you’re close to the eight-year mark with your mattress, then there’s no better time than now to purchase a new mattress to improve your sleep quality.

One of the key recommendations our team of professional experts has for choosing a mattress that’ll provide the sleep you need is to test it out first. That’s right. You should test drive a mattress before you purchase it. If the vendor doesn’t offer a certain number of nights free to check out the quality of the mattress, you can still do things the old-fashioned way by visiting a mattress store and lying down for a few minutes. Testing the mattress out before purchasing it is absolutely necessary, as it’ll help you understand what to expect once you take it home.


People who suffer from allergies don’t always consider where they sleep as a potential trigger for their allergies. However, some consumers are searching for good mattresses with anti-allergen properties because they discovered their mattress was an allergen trigger. Luckily, there’s a niche market for mattresses manufactured using organic materials that can help reduce allergens.

If you wake up stuffy every morning or find that your sinuses are bothering you, it could be your pillow and mattress making you sick. Good mattresses designed to be anti-allergic can make a world of difference for anyone who suffers from allergies. Anti-allergen mattresses are usually constructed from low-allergen natural fibers. Do your research before you make a buying decision to fully understand what anti-allergen means and the type of materials that are used in the manufacturing process. What is anti-allergen to one person may be an allergen for you.

Customer Reviews

The wide range of mattress options at your disposal can be overwhelming. However, there are a lot of people looking for good mattresses, and when they find them, they happily share online reviews. Reading mattress reviews can be an easy way to sort through the sea of mattresses to find a mattress that works for your sleeping style. Check out reviews before you decide to make a purchase, and you’ll likely be pleasantly satisfied with your decision.

The mattress industry is growing by leaps and bounds every year. There are many reasons why consumers are on the hunt for good mattresses. However, everyone that is on the hunt has the same goal. They want a good night’s sleep, and they know with the right mattress, they can improve their sleep. Good quality sleep is essential to decision-making, problem-solving, and healing. While you sleep, your brain gets to rest and sort out the day’s problems. Good mattresses are a key component of overall wellness. Learn more about the qualities you should look for in a good mattress today and get the sleep you deserve by contacting Sleep Essentials today.