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Driving From Wildwood, FL to Roanoke, VA For The Best Mattress

Drive from Florida to Virginia to get the best mattress.

Why would a man and his wife drive from their home in Wildwood Florida to Roanoke Virginia to buy a mattress? Certainly there is some company closer to him in Florida that would have a mattress that would suffice and maybe even be cheaper. But once he saw our mattress education video, he knew as well as countless others who know who drive from Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana, Canada etc., to get our mattress! They all know that Sleep Essentials is one of the very few who tell the truth in the mattress industry and make and sell the best mattress. Most mattress companies make inferior mattresses made with inferior material and then are masters of marketing and promote their junk with wonderful, yet unsubstantiated, claims about their mattresses. Such companies don’t care if your mattress fails within two years, they have your money. They aren’t worried about having to replace anyone’s faulty mattress because they’ve excluded from coverage in the fine print of their warranties the very things that will go wrong with their junk plastic mattresses. And lastly, they will NEVER tell their prospective buyers that their mattresses are filled with toxic chemicals in order to meet the idiotic federal regulations. Can anyone really point to anything the Federal Government does that actually improves anything? Sleeping in toxic chemicals is not an improvement in mattresses. Making them flame retardant for our safety is a lie of the worst sort.

I can’t possibly emphasize this stuff enough. What is your sleep, wallet, and health worth to you? Apparently for some, driving all the way from Florida or Canada to Virginia is enough to make sure they get the very best mattress for their money and health. And you should too! Go to and see the complete mattress education video to learn why a person or a couple would drive so far to make sure they got the very best mattress.