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Adjustable Bed Warranties Are Worthless If Parts Are No Longer Made

Adjustable bed manufacturers typically offer 20-25 year warranties on their beds. Leggett & Platt, for example, offers a 1/3/25 warranty. this means that for the first year you own the bed, all replacement parts and labor are fully covered. The 3 means for the next 2 years all parts are covered but not labor. And 25 means the last 21 years part are pro-rated which means you must pay for the parts pro-rated to the number of years you’ve had the bed. To most consumers, this wouldn’t sound too bad of a warranty. However, the warranty is only as good as there are actual parts available. If a manufacturer no longer makes parts, the warranty is worthless.

Along with this reality, it is important to take into consideration how long a manufacturer makes their models. In other words, if a manufacturer makes a particular model for only a year and then discontinues the model, what is the probability you will get parts for that model 5-10 years down the road? Conceivably not long. Why would a manufacturer continue to make parts for models they only offered to the public a year? Thus, this is the reason I’ve began to shy away from manufacturers that make changes to their product line often. And thus this is why Leggett & Platt is way off our offerings list.

Instead, this is why we now offer the Southerland Sleep adjustable beds. The models we offer on our website and in our showroom have been made for over 10 years. In addition to this, instead of just one year of parts and labor coverage, Southerland Sleep offers 3 years parts and labor. This is the best warranty from any adjustable bed manufacturer. In addition to this, Southerland Sleep adjustable beds are made in Tennessee, not CHINA! Yes, most adjustable beds are less expensive but that is because most adjustable beds are made in CHINA, where the Chinese virus was created and dumped on the world. Yes, what is your country worth to you? Yes, what is your pocketbook worth to you? A bed for a few hundred dollars less that won’t even have a warranty for the lack of parts, or a American made adjustable bed that has a 10 year track record? You decide.