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The 7 Year Itch

the 7 year itch

The Better Sleep Council sounds like an organization trying to help people sleep better. The problem is, they are a front group for the International Sleep Products Association, and the International Sleep Products Association is a lobby group working for all kinds of companies in the mattress industry like chemical companies and especially large mattress companies. So as a lobby group, do you think their efforts are objective in trying to help people sleep bettter? Not on your life! The video below shows how an article written by the Better Sleep Council, while trying to sound and come off as objective, is actually trying to get people to buy more mattresses.

Here is what the article “The Seven Year Itch” by the Better Sleep Council says: “Your body may be ready for a new mattress BEFORE the seven year mark.” Of course, you need to buy a new mattress every five years, or maybe less. In fact, if you buy a big brand name mattress, you will probably want to replace it every two years because they develop a body impression within six months but you will tolerate it since you cannot afford to go buy a new mattress.

The “Seven Year Itch” goes on…”It is a good idea to compare your current mattress and foundation to newer models every few years to see if there is a set that feels better to you and offers features that you may not have needed or looked at in the past.” Someone has to be really gullible to believe this was written for any other purpose than to generate more mattress sales. I mean, once you know who funds the Better Sleep Council, it is easier to “read between the lines” of their articles.