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“Sales” Are Always Fake

Mattress Sale

Half Off Mattress Sales, Presidents Day Sales, Memorial Day Sales, Labor Day Sales, Black Friday Sales, 4th of July Sales, etc., are always FAKE! Companies mark prices up before they mark them down to give the appearance of great savings.

For example, a man comes to us looking for a new mattress after seeing our Complete Mattress Education video. He admitted that his current memory foam mattress didn’t last only about five years but said he wasn’t too upset about it since he got such a great deal on it through a friend who was able to get it for him for half off the regular price. He said the mattress was regularly priced at $3400 but he got it for only $1700. I asked him what brand and model it was but he couldn’t remember so I asked him to describe it to me. When he did, I said it was the Spring Air Sleep Fitness 307 to which he then remembered it was. I then told him I sold that mattress every day for several years at $1699 and that it was never priced and especially never sold at $3400.

Another example is the featured image we have in this post. It is a “Sale” sign for 50-80 percent off mattresses at Mattress Warehouse. This sign is put out on the street regularly to advertise their sale. I’ve often wondered how many people can see through this. Imagine a mattress at regular price at $2000 and someone having paid that price but had he waited until the sale, could have purchased that mattress for only $400. Extremely unlikely, as this never happens. However, there are a few mattresses purchased at a discount because they were “floor models”. This is another form of deception. Since the online-only mattress craze has begun, and they take back any mattress within 100 days, this has caused local mattress retail stores to have to offer the same. So when mattresses come back, the stores are forced to resell the mattresses and thus they sell them as “floor models” even though they were actually slept in by other people. Disgusting!

This is the standard procedure in the mattress and furniture industry. Every regular price or “manufacturer’s suggested retail price” is always an inflated number which is never sold at that price. It is only used to make it look like it is a great deal. We at Sleep Essentials have never and will never use this sleezy tactic. It is a lie and deception, and we don’t treat our customers as if they are stupid.