Sleep Essentials, Inc.

Rashes and Itching

Now I’d like to read to you a two part testimonial I got from a lady named Velma in 2010. 

“I’m sorry this is taking so long, but we were on vacation until October 5th and super busy once we got home.  You asked that.  I write about my experience with the new mattress.  I’m going to put that in the end of this email.  I can’t say much more except the terrible rashes I experienced.  I have pursued a dialog with our state senator from Minnesota, and I plan to press this issue until I get a reasonable response.  She is one of the people on the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  I did point out to her that after several deaths from people in ingesting sulfites, a law was passed stating that the contents of food products must be listed on the product label.  I was wondering how they could put toxic chemicals in something people sleep on and refuse to tell people what is in it.  I questioned how chemically sensitive people were expected to protect themselves. I hope one day to get a reasonable answer to that.”

Now she gives me the body of the testimonial she intended to give me.

“In late summer, I purchased a cushy plush mattress. It was super comfortable, but within a few days I noticed I felt Rashy.  The rashes became progressively worse until my skin was red all over.  After two weeks of trying to sleep on the mattress, I got up at 3 a.m. one morning and went to sleep in our guest room because I could not stand the burning and itching any more.  Fortunately, the company from whom I purchased the mattress allowed me to return it.  After sleeping on the guest room for a couple of weeks, the rashes disappeared.  After hours of research on the Internet, I discovered how these new mattresses are filled with chemicals during the mattress manufacturing process and also for flame retardant purposes.  I wrote to one of my state senators and a few days ago received a very disappointing response.  So, I wrote her again.  My goal is to pursue some kind of accountability as to why Americans are forced to sleep on chemicals without any thought to our collective health now, and years from now.  I mentioned my unfortunate experience to at least 20 people, and not one of them have ever heard about the Consumer Product Safety Commission or the regulations regarding flame retardants or mattresses.  I will let you know if I ever get a satisfied answer.”

And to my knowledge she never got a satisfied answer because she never sent me anything after that.  But this is just another example, another testimonial, people getting sick rashes and itchy skin red skin from their new mattress.