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Latex Foam vs. Plastic Foam

What is the durability of a polyurethane foam mattress versus a natural latex foam mattress? Here I illustrate the difference in durability by two testimonials from people. One was Sid Dickenson who wrote me the following in an email: “I just finished watching your video on mattresses and I was pretty impressed with what appeared to be your honesty. I don’t have too much money but, still, I’ve been sleeping on a very comfortable latex mattress since 1963.” So, from 1963 to 2013 when Mrs. Dickenson wrote me this email she had been sleeping on the same latex mattress for 50 years!!!

The other customer named Alan had a Tempur Pedic mattress and complained that it had body impressions in 1-2 years. He wrote, “I now have a Tempur Pedic, I sleep on an adjustable bed like a hospital bed, and the head and legs go up and down. After three years on my mattress, there’s a crater in the middle where I sleep all the time. I can’t move position in bed too much because I have MS, can’t walk. So do you know of a better mattress that will bend for an adjustable bed but not have a crater develop in 1-2 years? “

There is a slight disadvantage to the Tempur Pedic since it is being used on an adjustable bed but still, we are talking about the difference of 48 years. This illustrates very well the difference between plastic foam and natural latex foam mattresses. So, why would any consumer consider buying any other type of mattress than a natural latex mattress? This is not even to mention the difference between a Petro-Chemical plastic versus the natural sap of a rubber tree. For durability, for comfort, and for chemical free, nothing compares to a natural latex foam mattress.