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How To Get Zero Gravity Position On An Adjustable Bed

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Our body systems work like cogs in a machine. All body systems have a specific function closely tied to one another. These systems work concurrently, ensuring you are healthy and alive. For example, your breathing system requires oxygen, while your digestive system needs food. But one thing the body system has in common is that it needs rest, most importantly, a good night’s sleep. 

Surprisingly, a good night’s sleep may not be as easy to achieve as you would think. Many people suffer from back or neck pain related to their sleeping position and habits. But as you would imagine, it is pretty challenging to stay in a single position throughout the night, making traditional beds a major reason for many people’s poor sleeping habits. That is why Roanoke adjustable beds and other well-known brands have decided to focus on technology to help with better sleeping positions. 

Adjustable beds can help you sleep better by setting your bed’s position at an angle that helps you maintain your sleeping position throughout the night. However, finding the right angle to sleep in can be difficult with an adjustable bed. The good news is NASA discovered a sleeping position that reduces the strain gravity places on your body, helping you sleep better. 

What Is The Zero Gravity Sleeping Position?

As mentioned, NASA came up with the zero gravity sleeping position. Initially, it was designed to ensure the human body encounters as little gravitational resistance and pressure when launched into space. But they quickly discovered that the zero gravity position gives the body the illusion of floating in space while used as a sleeping position. 

NASA sent Scott Kelly, an astronaut with an identical twin called Mark Kelly, back on earth, to space to put this in perspective. Scott Kelly became taller and looked younger than his brother when he finally came back to earth during his stay in space; This is because less gravitational pull in space led to Scott kelly having less pressure on his body. 

In a nutshell, the zero gravity sleeping position tries to mimic this space experience by angling your feet and torso in a position that reduces the gravitational pull and pressure on the body for a better sleeping experience. 

Malouf S755 Adjustable Bed Split King w/Headboard
Malouf S755 Adjustable Bed Split King w/Headboard

How To Set Your Adjustable Bed To The Zero Gravity Sleeping Position

While most modern high-end adjustable beds have built-in zero gravity bed settings, that is not true for older adjustable beds. If you have one of these modern high-end adjustable beds, you may need to set the bed at zero gravity setting, and you are done. 

However, how do you place this setting in an older adjustable bed? Follow the steps below;

1. Set Your Torso At Around 120 Degrees

The first thing you need to do is set your upper body’s angle at about 120 degrees. This number can go up or down depending on your body type, weight, and height. The main idea is to set the angle of your head above your heart, which should help with better blood circulation while in the zero-gravity sleeping position. 

Proper blood circulation is paramount to ensure that your body cells are well-oxygenated. Better cell oxidation also helps give your cells more energy and inevitably more energy to your tissues and organs. The cells can regenerate better and ideally help you heal faster. But most importantly, if your cells are well-oxygenated while you sleep, you will feel better rested and have more energy when you wake up. 

2. Set Your Thighs At A 30-Degree Angle from the bed

The next step is to set your thighs’ sleeping angle at around 30 degrees from the bed. Again, this angle can go up or down depending on your weight and body type. The main idea of angling your thighs at 30 degrees in the zero-gravity sleeping position is primarily for better blood circulation. Most people stand for long periods. 

As a result, most of their body fluids are pulled down by gravity towards the legs, which builds pressure in that section of the body. This is why many people have swollen legs after walking for a long time or get varicose veins. By angling your thighs at 30 degrees, you allow your body fluids to reposition in your body, relieving pressure from your legs. This position also helps with lower back pain by reducing the pressure in that area of your body. 

3. Adjust The Hamstrings And Calves Angle To 133 Degrees

Finally, adjust your bed setting between your calves and hamstrings to an angle of about 133 degrees so that you are slightly bending your knees when you sleep. Angled knees also help relieve gravitational pressure in your lower body by distributing your body mass better. Your lower body goes through a lot of stress during the day due to movement and downward gravitational pull. By angling your knees while you sleep, your lower body can relax better and relieve stress on your lower back. 

The adjustable bed zero gravity position settings can be used to get a good night’s sleep. The final sleeping position should look like a lazy zig-zag. Still, the zero gravity sleeping position should straighten out your sleeping pattern, and you can be ready to experience a better, healthier night’s sleep. 

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