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“Look no further!”

Customer Testimonial:

To whom it may concern:

      We purchased a natural latex mattress over a year ago from Sleep Essentials and I want to point out several reasons why I purchased it from Sleep Essentials and also the performance of this mattress purchased.

      I have some lower back pain caused from work l have done most of my life and needed a better mattress than the memory foam mattress I was using. The reason being is that the memory foam mattress after about 2-1/2 months failed to support my body correctly. It lost its memory! It sank in the spot I slept and it continually sank more. I suffered for another year with sore back, hips and legs. My wife also had problems caused by this mattress. A friend did some investigating and found Sleep Essentials. She shared the YouTube videos with us and other pertinent info. After watching the videos of the total difference between Natural Latex and Memory Foam we were impressed.

       We purchased our split king natural latex mattress from Sleep Essentials. And over a year now this mattress feels and performs just as it did the very first time we slept on it. My back pain is nonexistent now because of the perfect alignment and support this mattress provides. My wife and I get a full night of sleep now and are very comfortable during the night.

       If you are in search of a mattress that is great for your body and wonderful to sleep on, look no further! Also this mattress will last a lifetime.