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How an improper mattress doesn't work on an adjustable bed

I was sent this featured image picture by one of my customers who sent it all back to the retailer where they bought it because the woman, the customer’s mother, who was going to be using it only weighed about 90 pounds. The problem was, she didn’t weigh enough to fully force the mattress into position of the adjustable bed unit. Now this is an extreme illustration but this problem is a problem to one degree or another when people buy adjustable beds and some mattresses.

This mattress pictured here was an innerspring, albeit what is called a pocket coil innerspring mattress, which is the only kind of innerspring mattress that will bend for an adjustable bed. Now, obviously, as you can see, it doesn’t bend very well. This is because it is brand new and no one is on it. When these beds are new, the foam used in the mattress is stiff. As the foam softens with use, they will bend more easily. However, if the sleeper is small and lightweight, like shown here, then the mattress will not bend at the legs. The customer who sent us these pictures bought these and returned them because of these problems. Then they bought our mattress and adjustable bed and wrote us a fantastic testimonial. The reason is because our latex rubber mattresses bend and form to adjustable beds perfectly. More importantly, our natural latex foam is the most durable while being the most comfortable mattress under any circumstances, especially when used on an adjustable bed.