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7 Year Old Girl Begins Puberty (Caused By Her New Mattress)

Young Girl Starts Puberty

Some people like to claim I use scare tactics to sell my chemical free mattresses. And the reality is, they would be correct because these issues are as real as a heart attack. The countless examples of people getting sick and sending me emails telling their stories is remarkable. The most disturbing story is the ER Nurse who said she watched a 26 year old fitness runner die from organ failure due to the brominated chemicals that was in the dying patient’s Chinese made mattress. You can watch my video on that here.

But with all of the thyroid issues people are having, hormone issues, and sexual identity issues, this story of the 7 year old girl starting into full puberty as a result of the chemicals in her mattress is just one more example to be alarmed about.

When this woman wrote an email to me from Texas and relayed this story to me, she had done her own homework. After all, why wouldn’t she? She was alarmed that something was seriously wrong with her daughter. And what she shared with us was more than just her testimonial but also her research. She shared with us an article by the National Institutes of Health showing how one brominated chemical used as a flame retardant mimics estrogen. You can read that here: 3-D images show flame retardants can mimic estrogens in NIH study | National Institutes of Health (NIH)

So are we alarmists trying to sell mattresses by alarming people? Most certainly, YES! And we are very proud of the work we do trying to prevent people from sleeping in toxic chemicals and ruining their health. We are very proud to offer chemical free mattresses by sticking our heads out for the public, just waiting to be shot at by some government bureaucrat who will claim we are breaking the “law”.