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“Memory Foam Dust”

Most of the mattress industry is primarily about marketing rather than making a great product. “New Technology” in sleep is rarely about new and better technology in sleep. Large mattress companies are masters of marketing and, in reality, are primarily marketing companies first and mattress companies second. Sleep is very simple but if you listen to mattress companies and their marketing efforts, you’d think humans are just now getting good at making something to sleep on. One of the best examples of marketing at its best is an experience I had with Spring Air mattresses, which I sold when I first started my mattress retail business.

Every year, Spring Air would introduce new products, typically showing these new products at furniture markets like in Las Vegas and Highpoint, NC. But for the particular manufacturer that I dealt with, they had a showroom at their factory in Greensboro, NC. And every year when they came out with new products, I’d make a trip to Greensboro to check out their new lineup, their “latest technology in sleep.”

I’ll never forget this one experience I had there when I was looking at one of their higher-end, more expensive lines and the marketing material said they had memory foam in addition to springs and other materials worth marketing to the public. When I read about the memory foam, I asked the plant manager who was present how much memory foam that model had. His response will never be forgotten by me. He said, “It’s got memory foam dust in it.” And then he and the sales rep laughed about it. They didn’t realize I wouldn’t have found that to be funny. In other words, it had memory foam in it so they could market the mattress as having memory foam but they only put such a small amount that they could call it “memory foam dust.”

But, you must understand, this is the standard procedure of large mattress companies. They aren’t really into the “latest technology in sleep” but rather the “latest technology in pulling the wool over people’s eyes.” The moral of this story is, don’t buy big brand-name mattresses because large mattress companies are only good at coming up with slick ways to market inferior products.

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