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Why do people drive from so far away to buy our mattresses?

The answer to this question is really simple. When people are looking for the best mattress and are doing research on the internet and they find our mattress education video, they know definitively that we have the best mattress. But if they live far away, some people logically think they can’t buy a mattress without trying it out. After all, what does a latex mattress feel like compared to other types of mattresses? Even though most of our customers live far away, and they order on our website, they buy because of our Comfort Assurance Policy. But some times, they really, really want to try it out. So they get in their cars and make a road trip to one of our showrooms.

How many people drive from another state to one of our showrooms?

About one to two times a month we get people in from other states. To the best of my memory, we’ve had two people drive from Indiana, and one of these people drove to our Roanoke, VA showroom twice. We’ve had a man drive from Canada, tried the mattresses out for about half a day then made his decision and placed his order, had it shipped to a friend of his in the states just across the boarder so he could pick it up from there after he got back to Canada. We’ve had people from Texas, tons of people from North Carolina and West Virginia. Some from Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and South Carolina.

Just this week, we had a couple drive from Allendale Illinois to our showroom in Roanoke. I met them and they told me they believed in quality products and knew from my video I had the best mattress but that they wanted to try them out. After spending about 4 hours in our showroom, they made a purchase of not only our latex mattress but an adjustable bed as well.

So why are our mattresses the best?

Reason 1, they last and last and last. Nothing is more durable than natural latex foam. It is the most durable cushioning material made. Reason 2, Our latex is GOLS certified organic, nothing but the best! Reason 3, our mattresses are completely free from toxic fire-retardant chemicals. This is rare in the mattress industry. More on this later. Reason 4, you can make them into any firmness arrangement that works for you – fully customizable.

Fire-Retardant Chemical Free? What does this mean?

In July 2007 the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission began requiring all mattresses sold in the United States must meet strict flammability standards. In order to meet these standards, most all mattress companies are using toxic fire retardant chemicals in their mattresses. And the Consumer Product Safety Commission admits all the chemicals that manufacturers will use are toxic. But they claim there won’t be enough chemicals in the mattresses to harm anyone. But there are no labeling requirements nor are there regulations on the amount of chemicals that can be used. As a result, people are buying mattresses with not only toxic chemicals in them, but chemicals they are sometimes allergic to. In countless cases, we’ve actually talked to and documented cases of people getting sick from mattresses they’ve bought. The most recent customer we talked to this week said she has seen 28 doctors trying to figure out what is wrong with her and after they saw our mattress education video, they knew that her current big brand name mattress is killing her.

How to Choose the Right Firmness Arrangement?

As mentioned above, you can customize your firmness AND you can even make changes down the road if your needs change. How do we do this? Well, our latex mattresses are made from three 3″ layers of latex foam and you can choose the individual firmness of each layer to get the perfect combination that suits your needs. And, they are not glued together (not toxic glue) so you can rearrange later their order or remove and replace a layer in the case of a needs change.

Now, having said this, the overwhelming majority of our customers choose one of four of our own Arrangement Recommendations. These are arrangements we’ve put together and have been selling for 13 years and which we recommend to most people. Our AR1 (Arrangement Recommendation 1) is our softest arrangement. It consists of two bottom layers of medium soft with a top layer of ultra soft. Our AR2 (Arrangement Recommendation 2) is our most popular. It consists of two bottom layers of medium and a top layer of soft. Our AR3 (Arrangement Recommendation 3) consists of two bottom layers of medium firm and a top layer of medium soft. Then there is our firmest recommended model call the AR4 (Arrangement Recommendation 4). It consists of two bottom layers of ultra firm and a top layer of medium firm.

Which AR for You? Call Us or Take a Trip Like So Many Others!

We are here to help. Our sales staff are experts in matching the firmness arrangement for each person’s individual needs. We look forward to seeing or hearing from you! 

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