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Sales, are they real? Or are they marketing gimmicks?

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A man came to see me about a new mattress after having a memory foam mattress for about 6-7 years.  It had given out and softened to the point he needed a new mattress.  His story was that he wasn’t too upset that the mattress only lasted 6-7 years because he got such a special deal on it.  He said he had a friend who was a manager of some sort at Schewels furniture store and he gave him a fantastic deal on the mattress.  He said he got it at half price at $1700 and it was normally $3400.  Since I knew Schewels sold some of the same name-brand mattresses that I sold, I asked him what brand it was.  He couldn’t remember so I asked him to describe the mattress to which I recognized the model.  So I said to him, was it a Spring Air Sleep Fitness 307?  To which he said it was.  So I told him I used to sell that model a lot, that it was a very popular model, and I sold it every day for $1700 and that it was never, ever sold at $3400.  I realize by telling him this, I was exposing that his friend at Schewels lied to him about the price and hadn’t given him a great deal but just an every day regular price.

The point is, the mattress industry does not have sales.  They mark everything up before marking them down to give the appearance of a sale.  The reason they do this is to ramp up sales during certain times by giving the appearance of a great savings event and to get people to make hasty decisions.  But they make the same amount every week, sale or no sale.

There is a sign posted on the side of the road around the mall area near a Mattress Warehouse that reads, 50-80 percent off sale.  I’ve often wondered if anyone has thought about a mattress shopper buying, for example, a mattress for $2000 that if he had only waited for the sale, could have gotten the same mattress for $400?  The point is, this NEVER happens, at least not in the mattress industry.

Apart from price increases from materials costs, our prices never change.  We don’t lie to people and play games with them.  We also tell them, take your time making a decision, we wont pressure you into making a hasty decision.  Come back a week, a month later the price will be the same.  Shop around, we are confident you will come back to us because our prices are fair and we don’t lie about anything.

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