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Can a New Mattress Make You Sick? A Customer Testifies!

Can a new mattress make you sick? This is a testimonial I got from a woman named Brenda. “Thanks for sharing information at mattresses. You seem to know a lot. I honestly do not know what exactly I have been reacting to in the new mattress, but it is certainly severe and leaves me unable to breathe without medication. From the first night of moving into the spare bedroom recently, an ancient mattress, I could breathe again and have not had the bronchitis, allergy symptoms or sinus infection, which has become the norm for me for the past two months. I have been able to run again and get through classes at the gym without an inhaler. My youngest daughter has suffered severe hives after exposure to the polyurethane foam, so I have kept her away from the new mattress. But my 13 year old did sleep in the bed with me for a couple of weeks and she suffered severe breathing difficulties as a result. The memory foam mattress has urethane in it, and I thought I was reacting to that, but I don’t really know what compound we were reacting to. I will not buy another mattress without a lot of research first.”

So there you have it a testimonial on buying a new mattress, and then she and her daughters having reactions to it. Can a new mattress make you sick? Yes, they can. If you want a chemical free mattress, Sleep Essentials is the only source. As far as I know, every major manufacturer out there at least has some minimal chemicals in their mattresses. Even companies that claim they use wool is inherently flame retardant without chemicals. They’re not telling you the whole story.

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