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Southerland Sleep G96 Adjustable Bed Super King Sizes

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Southerland Sleep G96 Adjustable Bed Super King Sizes

The Southerland Sleep G96 Adjustable Bed model comes with the “Easy Reach” feature. “Easy Reach” means when the head is adjusted in the upright position it brings the base back while adjusting up to keep you in an “easy reach” position to your night stand.  Unlike so many adjustable bed producers today, American Adjustables come in super king sizes: Florida King, Split Florida King, Split Texas King, Family King, Split Family King, Split Wyoming King, and lastly the ultimate Split Family King XLXW.  It has full head and foot lift for full adjustable comfort.  The remote control is the best in the industry.  With large raised buttons, your use of the bed is made easy because the buttons are easy to find, and with the flashlight built in and underbed lights, the user can also make their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night without stumbling in the night.  This bed is equipped with Bluetooth to enable control of the bed with an app on Android and iPhone.  Lastly, this bed is equipped with USB ports on the side to charge your important accessories like a phone or laptop computer.  The Southerland Sleep (American Adjustables) G96 Adjustable Bed is sure to please.

The remote has three self-programmable memory preset position buttons, a one touch flat button, and massage.  The massage has a 5 pattern wave with an intensity adjustment feature where the head and foot can be used and adjusted separately.

The bed comes with a three year parts and labor warranty, two more years of full parts coverage, and the remaining 15 years pro-rated on the parts.

You can learn more the on the manufacturer’s website here: Southerland Sleep

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Florida King, Split Florida King, Family King, Split Family King, Texas King, Split Texas King, Wyoming King, Split Wyoming King


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