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Luxurious details for the ultimate sleep experience. With true inversion positioning, and a premium design, the Aviada offers full customization of your position. Use the ergonomic design and massage to help you sleep, stretch, realign, and relax. Save your setting in the remote or voice-powered mobile app. Be perfectly comfortable every moment you’re in bed.

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The Rize Aviada adjustable bed is the most unique and special of all adjustable beds.  The reason is simple, it is the only bed with inversion positioning.  With this you can get a full spinal stretch to realign your body.  It also lowers to the loung position wherein you lower the legs which improves TV watching or reading.

The Rize Aviada comes with dual USB outlets to keep your devices fully charged while you work or play.  Another unique feature is the night light feet so you can find your way easily in the dark and you can pick your color.

The Aviada also comes with a zero gravity position and an anti-snore pre-programmed position in the remote.  The most technologically advanced feature of this bed is that it comes standard with a voice-powered mobile app so you don’t have to put down your device to operate the bed.  Just speak to your device and tell the bed what you want it to do.

If relaxing is what you need, then the three massage motors allows you to choose your location of massage and your intensity.  And lastly, with programmable positions in the remote, you are sure to find your sweet spot every night.

Additional features include stylish sturdy legs with a bit of flair and they come with height extensions which can be removed to adjust the overall height off the floor.  The hidden component design allows you to keep from view those unsightly cords and controls so your bed can be the centerpiece of the room.  And lastly, the bed comes with battery backup to ensure use during power outages.

To learn even more about the Rize Aviada adjustable bed, be sure to check out the Rize website at

You may be interested more in a tilt feature.  If so, check out the Glideaway Odessa adjustable bed.


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