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Does Latex Sleep Warm?

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One of the things that affect our productivity during the day is the quality of our sleep at night. A good night’s sleep often begins with our comfortability. Some people experience uncomfortable night sleep simply because their body heat gets trapped by their mattress. If you’re having trouble sleeping due to excess heat generation, you can consult a mattress company for recommendations on breathable mattresses.

What are Latex Mattress and Do They Sleep Warm

A latex mattress is made from organic latex derived from rubber trees. These organic latexes are hypoallergenic and free from dirt and toxic chemicals. Latex mattresses are very breathable; they don’t inhibit airflow nor squeeze the body and cause discomfort. Therefore, if you need a mattress to help you sleep cooler, you should get a latex mattress. 

Latex mattresses are conformable to the body’s curves, thereby relieving back pain and general body pain. Due to the conformity attributes of latex mattresses, people often assume that they’ll generate more heat and cause discomfort. Contrary to this belief, latex mattresses are built to be flexible and give room for airflow. They don’t retain heat and emit foul odors. Also, latex mattresses are durable; they do not get flat like other mattresses.

When you lay on your mattress, and it sinks in, you’re more likely to sleep hot. Memory foams are known for sinking in and generating more heat, but latex mattresses are comfortably firm and buoyant. The firmness allows you to sleep balance on top of your mattress without sinking.  

How The Body Generates Heat While Sleeping

While we’re asleep, the body begins to rest and rejuvenate. Thermoregulation allows our body temperature to reduce while we’re asleep. As the body temperature decreases, it boosts metabolism and helps the body save up energy for a new day while we’re asleep. During this process, the body heat will be released out of our body system and passed to our surroundings. At this point, if your mattress or bedding doesn’t support air circulation, the body heat will be trapped in them. The trapped heat is what makes you sleep warm and uncomfortable.

Therefore, it’s best to use latex mattresses and beddings that are breathable.

Other Factors that Make People Sleep Warm

The type of mattress you use isn’t the only factor that affects your sleep temperature. Some other contributing factors include:

  • Bed Sheets

Bed sheets made from synthetic materials such as polyester are not as breathable as bamboo and cotton. Bamboo and cotton sheets are very breathable and help to dry out sweat. Percale sheets are highly breathable sheets, giving an airy and crisp feeling. Also, the Parachute’s 100% Egyptian are breathable sheets.

  • Duvets and Blankets

Duvets absorb and trap more heat than blankets. If you sweat more, you should only use your blanket and do away with the duvet.

  • Nightwears

Materials such as nylon, cool-core, micro-mesh, dri-fit, and techwick used in making athletic wear can effectively dry out moisture and release body heat. Nightwears made from synthetic material tend to generate more heat.

  • Poor hydration

Ambient temperature, room temperature, alcohol consumption, dreams, and more can cause poor hydration, which leads to more heat generation.

Advantages Of Sleeping Cool

One of the ways of enjoying quality sleep is by sleeping comfortably and sleeping cool. The following are some of the benefits derived from enjoying quality sleep. 

  • Weight loss

Studies have shown that sleeping cool helps increase the breakdown of food ingested and increase weight loss.  

  • Better Mood

Adequate sleep without excess heat helps you feel refreshed and excited to start a new day. It brightens your mood and reduces the secretion of cortisol (stress hormone). 

  • Decreases Insomnia

Insomnia can lead to some severe medical conditions and affect the wellbeing of an individual. Sleeping warm can cause you to feel uncomfortable and restless when you’re sleeping, causing you to lose your sleep. But when you sleep cool, you’ll feel more comfortable and get better sleep quality. 

  • Production of HGH

Human growth hormone (HGH) is secreted by the pituitary gland when you’re asleep. The hormone secretion reaches its highest level when the body temperature is at its lowest. The HGH helps to repair brain cells and body tissue.

  • Secretion of Melatonin

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for the sleepiness you experience during bedtime. When you’re comfortable on your mattress and there’s adequate airflow, more melatonin hormone will be secreted, and you’ll fall asleep faster.

Also, the melatonin hormone helps to reduce the growth of tumors; hence, it combats cancer. The melatonin hormone also aids in regulating menstrual cycles.

  • Prevents Aging

Good sleep quality under the right temperature helps to improve youthful looks. It reduces wrinkles, acne, pale skin, and spots. 

Types Of Latex Used in Mattresses

It’s important to know the type of latex used in mattresses so that you can shop for the right one that’ll meet your needs.

  • Dunlop Latex

Dunlop latex is a type of natural latex obtained from rubber trees. It’s dense, durable, and offers adequate support. Dunlop latex is available in softer versions, but it’s mostly suitable for people looking for a firm mattress.

  • Talalay Latex

Talalay latex is soft, fluffy, and more luxurious. It’s also a type of natural latex. The Talalay latex helps to relieve pain and pressure and it is recommended for side sleepers (left and right-side sleepers).

  • Blended latex

Blended latex is a latex mix that combines natural latex with synthetic additive fillers. Synthetic fillers such as clay occupy 30% of the materials used, and natural latex occupies 70%. Mattress manufacturers use blended latex to cut the cost of purchasing expensive natural latex.

  • Synthetic Latex

Synthetic Latex is made from petrochemical substances. It does not contain any form of natural latex and has a high amount of fillers. A synthetic latex mattress can make you sleep warm.

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