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Best Mattresses For Sleeping Positions

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One of the biggest decisions you can make based on how you sleep is the type of mattress you sleep on. Choosing a mattress shouldn’t be a decision that is made devoid of personal preferences; if anything, you should choose mattresses that are tailored for your sleeping style. Doing this will significantly reduce pressure in pain points around your body, boost sleep quality and comfort, reduce your sleep temperature, and leave you feeling well-rested each morning.

If you are in the market for new mattresses, below are the common sleeping positions and the recommended mattresses that offer you the support and comfort you deserve.

Back Sleepers

If you are a back sleeper, you are among the 8 to 14% of people who actually prefer to sleep on their backs throughout the night. Back sleepers are often prone to back pain when they choose the wrong kind of mattress to sleep on. Sleeping on the back has its perks, including being one of the best sleeping positions for the head, neck, and back alignment. In this position, no extra pressure is placed on these areas, thus putting them in a neutral position. As a back sleeper with problems like snoring and acid reflux, you may suffer some episodes because this position narrows your airway, causing it to be blocked intermittently. To address this problem, you are better off with foam or a hybrid mattress.

Side Sleepers

As many as 75% of people prefer to sleep on their sides. Being the most popular sleeping position, it is also one of the leading causes of pain in areas of the body like the hip, shoulder, and back. If you are already experiencing some pain from sleeping on your sides, the chances are high that you are sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress. The right kind of mattress will take pressure off the shoulder, hips, and back and offer the support your body needs during sleep. To get the best one for you, you should consider plush or medium comfort level mattresses with enough padding to support your joints. Test out a few options at the store before making a final decision.

Stomach Sleepers

Only about 16% of the population choose to sleep on their stomachs. The chances are high that you have heard or read somewhere that this isn’t the best position to sleep in, but you find yourself doing it anyway. For the best sleep quality, you should generally avoid plush mattresses and instead go for something that offers the support and comfort that your body needs. You may want to explore firm mattresses.

Multiple Position Sleepers

If you can’t point out one sleeping position that works best for you, then you are in the minority, and you may need to explore a few mattress options that support all of your needs equally. To get the best outcome, you may need to consider whether or not you have a partner and their sleeping position. This will help you to choose something that works best for both parties. 

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