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$30,000 Mattress

A husband and wife came into our showroom looking for a new mattress. They drove from about an hour away and when they came in they told me they saw my mattress education video and was impressed. They said they had purchased three mattresses in the last ten years so they knew they didn’t want to go down that road again. The gentleman was a little stand-off-ish but like he was a little skeptical but he did admit my video is what brought him in. Before making any decision and while they were trying out the mattresses he told me they were looking a maybe purchasing a $30, 000 mattress hand-made in England and that it costs $30,000. I laughed and joked, “who can afford a $30,000 mattress?!” He replied, “That’s not a problem.”

I like telling this story because he made a purchase from me that day and I made sure I personally delivered it. This man and his wife owned three very nice homes. After about a year later they came back and bought another bed from me for another bedroom in their home because they liked the mattress they purchased from me so well. And over the next couple of years I sold about four mattresses from him and to several other members of his family by his referral. So, I like to brag that my mattress outsold a $30,000 hand-made mattress and I still saved him money. If that’s not a success story, I don’t know what is.

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    1. We have a 60 day Comfort Assurance policy. This means you can firm it up or soften it in the first 60 days with a replacement layer and there is no charge. You don’t have to ship anything to us. Used mattresses can’t be resold so to take them back means a HUGE loss. Companies that do take back mattresses take a small loss because they are selling you plastic junk to begin with. Such plastic mattresses have a very short life because they soften with use. I hope this makes sense.

  1. Dear Mr Carter. I live in Arizona and I have seen your videos.already . I have a older but useable Leggitt and Platt split cal king base that I want to use. I am therefor looking for split cal king mattress. ( inch will do. You have me convinced to use LATEX. I therefor need split Cal Kings to go with the base wan. We are I am 85 and my wife is 78. We like medium and desire full width Latex for the mattress. we are confused as to how to proceed. From past we have had bad experience with roll up box delivered mattress. Can you provide delivery of mattress unrolled and take away of current mattress.
    Please excuse the unconventional form of contact. Thank you

    1. Hello Don and thanks for contacting us. We can most certainly provide the latex mattress of your dreams to fit your split cal. king adjustable bed. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with roll up drop ship mattresses in the past. I’d sure like to hear how you’ve had a bad experience and what the nature of that problem was. Anyhow, our mattresses are rolled up as this is the only way to ship them. We ship UPS and thus there is no way to carry off your old mattress either. Perhaps you could give it away and someone will come and get it from you. Anyhow, let me know if you have further questions.



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