Sleep Essentials, Inc.

The First Year

First Year birthday party

What is interesting about getting started in the mattress retail business was as I was working on getting this dream started, my wife and I were struggling with having children. After about five years of trying, to make a long story very short, we decided to adopt and child. It takes a while to put that together before the adoption agency will place a child with you. You have to go through home studies and adoption classes and once you are approved, you get on a waiting list. Well, it just so happened at the time I was getting ready to start my new mattress retail business, we were getting close to get a placement….a baby! As a matter of fact, the day I signed the lease to rent the Gettymart, my soon to be adopted baby boy was born! So on July 29th, 2004 a lot was changing in my life to say the least-a new baby and a new business! But the great thing is, I’ll never forget the date the business started.

The only way this business was going to work was with my wife working and supporting us. She had a great job in insurance which she had worked since she was right out of high school. So she made enough money to support us if this new business didn’t make any money. With a brand new baby at home, she and I shared midnight feeding responsibilities since we both worked. While who in the world likes getting up in the middle of the night to feed a hungry baby? But I have to admit, I took to the baby thing like a duck takes to water…I loved it! I was blown over at how much I loved my new baby boy. He completely stole my heart!!

The funny part about this is I had a new mattress store and not many customers in that first few months. And from those midnight and wee hours of the morning feedings I would go to work a little tired. But I had mattresses everywhere and yes, I admit, I did lay down a few times and take a nap! Don’t tell my wife because she had to go to work and work, LOL!

While indeed the first year was tough and I made very little money I’ll never forget that the day we celebrated my son’s first birthday was on a Saturday and we, of course, had a birthday party with lots of friends and family. This was on a Saturday evening and I worked the showroom that day. I distinctly remember getting off of work at 4 and heading to my son’s first birthday party feeling positive and confident that I was going to make it because on his first birthday, I had really good sales that day.