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Why have The Epoch Times and Sleep Essentials Partnered?

The answer to this question is very simple, the Epoch Times recognizes that in their efforts to inform their readers as much and as accurate as possible about subjects that matter to people’s everyday lives, they understand that the chrony capitalism that has been going on between the mattress industry and government is too important for them to ignore, but also important enough for them to refer their readers to a solution.  Since 2007, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has required all mattresses sold in the United State to be flame retardant and for mattress manufacturers to meet these standards, they must use fire retardant chemicals that even the Consumer Product Safety Commission admits are toxic.  The Epoch Times and Sleep Essentials both recognize that these strict flammability standards only benefit the chemical industry, not consumers, and that it has resulted in catastrophic health issues in countless Americans.  Like everything in American government, all aspects of the government have been compromised by bribes, even all the way down to regulations on mattresses.  The chemical industry, as well as large mattress companies, stand to benefit substantially by such regulations but the net result is that Americans are being made sick for the financial benefit of a few.  Sleep Essentials is the only mattress company that has figured out a way to offer chemical free mattresses, as well as organic mattresses, to prevent people from getting sick from one of the most inconspicuous items in their homes – their mattress!  Additionally, the Epoch Times wants to support American workers instead of foreigners as much as possible and Sleep Essentials mattresses and adjustable beds are made in the USA!