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Rize Contemporary III Adjustable Bed

The claim to fame of the Rize Contemporary III is the lounge feature that drops the legs for that extra comfort for reading or watching television. This bed also has edge-to-edge adjustable lumbar support. Your car seats have lumbar support, why not your bed? With five pre-programmed positions: flat, anti-snore, zero gravity, incline, and our exclusive lounge, you are sure to find the sweet spot. Lastly, with a programmable remote and voice-powered mobile app, ease of use and increased functionality will be sure to make your experience the best.


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Rize Contemporary III Adjustable Bed

Rize Contemporary III is one of the most advanced adjustable bed bases in the market. It comes into the market with an ergonomic design that is perfect for all users. The design considers the sleep needs of users and your body’s natural sleep movements. With this design, you can expect nothing short of excellent comfort.

With Rize Contemporary III, you’ll get a balance of comfort, ergonomics, and functionality. The frame is attractive and will surely add to the existing décor of your room. Choosing the Rize Contemporary III offers a 20-year warranty on the bed base, giving you the peace of mind needed to sleep easy for years to come.

Choosing Rize Contemporary III offers you a chance to enjoy a wide range of superior features, comfort, and top-level performances. The adjustable bed base offers a variety of positions for you to choose from. Explore the exclusive lounge position to take the stress off your lower back and support circulation. You can also adjust the back support to the preferred level using lumbar support. Rize Contemporary III offers three pre-programmable positions, including lounge, flat, and lumbar support. It also comes with a wireless remote that allows you to switch between pre-programmed and programmed positions seamlessly. The one-touch flat button restores your Rize Contemporary III to its flat and natural position.

Rize Contemporary III offers a range of safety features on the safety front, including customizable LED lights, a gravity release safety system, steel balanced legs to provide support and stability, and more.

Why Choose Rize Contemporary III

Being technologically advanced and versatile, Rize Contemporary III is adjustable and seamlessly switches from one position to another to meet your comfort needs. It offers pre-programmed positions as well as custom memory positions. The bed frame is designed to respond to your body’s natural movements making it more comfortable for use.

Key Features


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