At a local retail store the salesman said they had mattresses that use natural fibers that are inherently fire retardant thus eliminating the need for chemicals. Why do I need to get a prescription to buy your mattress? Do your mattresses not use natural fire-retardant fibers? There is no such a thing as a mattress that utilizes all natural fibers that are naturally fire-retardant that meets 16 CFR 1633 standard. There are natural materials that are less flamable than others but not well enough to meet the standard by themselves. What producers do is infiltrate these materials with some chemicals and the results is that these fibers require less chemicals than many other fibers so producers claim there are no chemicals but this is not true. The only way to get a mattress that is free of fire-retardant chemicals is by prescription. I am allergic to latex. Can I sleep on a latex mattress without having a reaction? Yes, you can enjoy a latex mattress with no worry that an allergic reaction will occur because: 1. Allergic reactions to latex occur when latex is in direct contact with the skin and moisture is present. There is never direct skin contact to the latex in our mattresses. 2. The amount of heat in the vulcanization process used to make latex foam destroys the proteins that cause the allergic reaction. No one has ever had an allergic reaction to a latex mattress. What can I do if my doctor will not give me a prescription for a mattress without fire-retardant chemicals? It is very rare that a doctor will not sign a prescription. In such rare cases it becomes a matter of educating the doctor about the subject of chemicals in mattresses, details about the law regarding prescribed mattresses, and perhaps putting some pressure on getting them to help you. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. 3. What do I do if I don’t have a doctor? A chiropractor is also qualified under the law to prescribe chemical-free mattresses. Most chiropractors are highly interested in your natural health and are happy that you’ve found a source for chemical-free mattresses and are happy to help you acquire one. 4. Is there any assembly required on a Perfection mattress? Yes and there are five reasons why. One reason is because these mattresses are extremely heavy and by having them in pieces, reduces the cost of shipping and makes it easier to handle. Also, by having them in pieces allows for replacement of pieces if needed like the top layer thus eliminating the need for a whole new mattress for a very long time. Another benefit is that it eliminates the need for glue which is a source of chemicals and strong chemical odors. Lastly, and most importantly, it creates a strategic advantage that keeps the price of these top quality mattresses low. 5. Is assembly difficult No because there are only three pieces to this mattress. Depending upon the size of the mattress you may need some help putting together a queen or king. Remember, the materials are quite heavy.