Mattress EducationWhen it comes to investing your hard-earned money in a mattress on which you’ll spend about a third of your life, we want you to be an educated consumer. To that end, we maintain a website and a YouTube channel dedicated exclusively to mattress education:

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Topics we cover include:

» Mattress Education 101: A quick introduction to what you may not know about mattresses.
» Comprehensive Mattress Education: Learn everything you need to know before purchasing a mattress.
» Mattress Materials: The differences between polyurethane foam, natural latex, and synthetic latex.
» Fire-Retardant Chemicals in Mattresses: Why big name mattresses contain toxic chemicals.
» Finding the Right Bed to Relieve Pain: The benefits of latex mattresses & adjustable bed foundations.
» Mattress Marketing Gimmicks: What mattress manufacturers want you to believe.
» Perfection™ Sleep Systems: The perfect all-natural latex mattress, free of toxic fire-retardant chemicals.

Mattress Education 101:
A Quick Introduction to What You May Not Know About Mattresses

Can a new mattress make you sick? Will a plastic memory foam mattress last? Just who does the Consumer Product Safety Commission look our for? The consumers or the chemical industry? Don’t buy a mattress without knowing the answers to these questions!

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Comprehensive Mattress Education:
Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Mattress

The slick marketing tactics of the mattress industry, their use of cheap materials that wear out quickly, the differences in quality and durability between latex and polyurethane foam, the toxic fire-retardant chemicals that mattress manufacturers use to meet Federal flammability regulations, and the effect that these chemicals may have on your health.

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Mattress Materials:
Polyurethane Foam, Natural Latex & Synthetic Latex

Information about how latex mattresses are superior to mattresses made of polyurethane foam and the differences between natural and synthetic latex.

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Fire-Retardant Chemicals in Mattresses:
Why Big Name Mattresses Contain Toxic Chemicals

The Consumer Products Safety Commission now requires mattresses to be flameproof, meaning they must meet a very strict flammability standards. Mattress manufacturers meet these regulations is by infusing the surface materials of the mattresses with toxic, fire-retardant chemicals.

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Finding the Right Bed to Relieve Pain:
The Benefits of Latex Mattresses & Adjustable Bed Foundations

Adjustable beds with natural latex mattresses are great for snoring, acid reflux disease, lower back pain and general comfort issues. I highly recommend the Leggett & Platt S-Cape model adjustable bed.

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Perfection™ Sleep Systems:
The Perfect All-Natural Latex Mattress, Free of Toxic Fire-Retardant Chemicals

Sleep Essentials, with showrooms in Richmond and Roanoke, Virginia, offers the Perfection Sleep System. Our mattresses are made of all natural latex with bamboo coverings and free of toxic fire-retardant chemicals and available with a prescription from your doctor or chiropractor.

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