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We are slumber specialists at Sleep Essentials. Therefore, we are deeply knowledgeable on ancient, tried-and-true sleep technologies. To discover as much regarding our goods, you may book appointments with us here on the web or contact us for free on our number – (855) 502-8453.

Take a look at the depiction of today’s mattresses from our films on the website. Through them, you’ll know about warranty scams and polyurethane just before getting a glimpse into videos explaining why Sleep Essential‘s mattresses stand out in comparison to the rest.

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Clients have chosen over 15 years now to produce:

Our organic latex foams persist for more extended periods.

With a 10-year genuine manufacturer warranty on a body impression of over half an inch, you can count on us.

We produce organic latex materials free of chemicals and available in 3 levels configured per your requirement as a user.

We provide you with the components, and you get to build your custom mattresses.

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We are an experienced and renowned mattress producer with at least fifteen years of manufacturing expertise and a thorough knowledge of excellence per customer expectations. We’ll ensure that you sleep much better to live a fulfilling lifestyle.

Sleep Essentials materials are entirely natural; this means that they’re made with no chemicals that can be detrimental to your well-being. In essence, we’ll retail the components to you to construct your custom bed that meets your intended requirements. As such, you can buy individual sheets. Simply select the materials you desire and achieve the stiffness of the mattress which you desire.

And so, to highlight the point more precisely, the latex mattress that we manufacture are purely made of rubber derived from the tree saps. Therefore, GOLS- Global Organic Latex Standard has approved and standardized them as natural products. Thanks to the GOLS standards, this particular guideline tells the difference between synthetic and organic materials.

Further beyond that, we equally advise you on organizing your materials to fit your requirements (in an arrangement of one to four). Each of the layers is 3 inches long and is available in 3 parts. You will simply just place them in their coverage for encasement before you zip it up to enjoy your brand new custom mattress at home.

The available layers in our stores have six unique firm types. We offer ultra-firm, medium-firm moderate, moderate-soft, soft, and incredibly soft mattresses in the following layers. The aforementioned foams are tailored to a purchaser’s specific requirements, including their body weight, morphology, and health condition.

Aside from that, you should know that mattresses of latex materials have rapid recovery time (meaning they bounce back quickly after being squeezed); this renders them simpler to flip over in during sleep. Apart from that, latex mattresses have an open-cell foam since they contain spores. Because of this characteristic, air can circulate through them. Furthermore, most clients tend to prefer a latex’s feel to a memory foam’s feel.

Once you purchase with us, we provide you with a video to help you put up your mattress in simple steps. You don’t have to fret if you’re unable to visit any of our stores. We’ll ship you these materials in the most convenient way possible by fitting them into a tiny box. It’s essentially wrapped up and then compressed- it returns to its original shape when you get it unpacked. From there, you can set up your complete bed and enjoy your rest.

You may contact us at no fee at (855) 502-8453 in case you’re interested in buying any of our mattresses or if you’d love to create your mattress. Additionally, go to and choose the components you’d want to use for your custom mattress and covering for a full bed. You can also take time to visit our physical store in Suffolk, Virginia.

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