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Glideaway Odessa Adjustable Bed With Tilt



The Odessa brings you a full range of motion including neck tilt and 12” back travel. The premium deck-on-deck design fits most bedroom sets. Odessa comes technology ready with USB ports, Bluetooth and WiFi compatibility and ready for voice control. It also includes underbed lighting and backlit wireless remote with preset zero gravity and anti-snore positions, 2 programmable memory positions, and 4 sleep enhancement wave modes. This item comes with the elevation kit which allows the bed to tilt.

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The Glideaway Odessa adjustable bed (priced here with tilt) comes in a full rage of adjustable positions.  For example, the upper body inclines up to 65 degrees and lower body inclines up to 40 degrees.  With this you have simultaneous head and foot movement with full wall hugging to keep you close to your nightstand.  Glideaway equipped their beds with German engineered motors and the standby mode is ultra energy efficient.  All Glideaway beds are made of strong angle iron and steel tubular framing construction.

Gideaway’s Safety Plus™ features include zero pull force, pinch free zones, emergency power down, and power surge protection.  Additionally, other nice features include LED underbed lighting, upscale deck on deck design with charcoal upholstery fabric, 4″ single split-deck design, and recessed steel legs allow for 8″, 11.5″, and 15″ heights.

The Odessa also comes with a wireless backlit remote control with a built-in LED flashlight and a one touch flat button.  Additionally, it is featured with 2 programmable positions and a zero gravity pre-programmed position.  Glideaway’s Sleep Enhancement Technology™ gives it 4 wave modes, 4 levels of intensity, and 3 timer options.

This bed fits inside most bed frames and has a lift capacity of 800 pounds.

If you don’t need the tilt feature which is more expensive, then check it out without the tilt feature here on our website.  For even more detailed information on the Glideaway Odessa adjustable bed, feel free to visit Glideaway’s website at


Twin XL, Queen, King, Split King


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