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Sleep plays a major role in a person’s wellbeing. Quality sleep enhances your cognition, moods, and energy levels. But one of the things that encourage sleep quality is the mattress that you sleep on. If you have a low-quality mattress, you are less likely to sleep comfortably, but you get sufficient sleep if you have a high-quality mattress. As a top-rated mattress company in Newport News, Virginia, Sleep Essentials offers a range of products that are essential for quality sleep. Our products are made of excellent material and feature amazing designs. 

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The following are some of the products we provide:
Sleeping in a firm, well-padded mattress is one of those amazing experiences. It helps you sleep comfortably and awaken feeling refreshed. Quality mattresses are made of natural foam and they aid in boosting posture and counteracting pressure points. Quality mattresses help you assume a good sleeping position and are less likely to experience sleep interruptions. Sleep Essentials makes top-tier mattresses that will help you enjoy deep and restful sleep.
Most people just order a mattress that adheres to the size of their bed. But some people have specific needs that an average mattress wouldn’t satisfy. Maybe their bed is customized, or they have unique bedrooms, and they would need a mattress with specific features. Sleep Essentials is proud to help such customers build their own mattresses. With a custom-made mattress, you can increase your sleep comfort and alleviate various sleep disorders like insomnia. Also, a custom-made mattress is excellent for minimizing back pain and enhancing proper spinal alignment.
Adjustable beds are typically used in hospitals, but nowadays, they are one of the trending household items. As the name suggests, these beds can be adjusted into different positions, thus allowing you to sleep in different positions. For people with obstructive sleep apnea, sleeping on an adjustable bed can alleviate the symptoms, as it enhances back support and proper spinal alignment. Sleep Essentials provides a range of adjustable beds that you can comfortably sleep in, work out of, and receive massage.
Mattress foundations have greater utility than box springs. Mattress foundations enhance spinal alignment and back support and improve sleep comfort. They are excellent for spreading your mass evenly and minimizing pressure points. Having a mattress foundation will help you enjoy quality sleep throughout the night. Sleep Essentials provides superior mattress foundations that will help cut out sagging, minimize back pain, and boost sleep quality.
One of the things that promote good sleep is bedsheets. They supply warmth and comfort. They also filter out dust particles and pollen that may be anchored on the mattress. Quality bed sheets enhance your sleep comfort and allow you to receive deep and refreshing sleep. Sleep Essentials is a trusted Newport News supplier of quality bed sheets. Our bed sheets come in a range of colors and types, including bamboo rayon sheets, cotton blend sheets, and French linen sheets.
Pillows are beneficial in boosting body alignment and minimizing pressure points. Without a pillow, you might assume a bad sleeping position that would result in neck or back pain. Many people use pillows to ensure that they have an amazing and relaxing sleep. At Sleep Essentials, we provide top-tier pillows that allow you to achieve excellent support and enjoy deep and restful sleep.
We provide a range of mattress toppers made of good material to help you enjoy quality sleep. These are coverings that minimize mattress wear or shrinkage and are essential in prolonging mattress lifespan. They have varying degrees of firmness, and they also enhance sleep comfort.

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Mattress is one of the most critical items in a bedroom. It allows you to enjoy deep and relaxing sleep. We have created diverse mattresses for your sleep comfort.

Quality custom-made mattress

If you’re looking for something specific, we have you covered. You can use our builder to order a mattress with specific features to suit your tastes.

Quality adjustable beds

You can do various activities on an adjustable bed apart from sleeping. Our adjustable beds guarantee back support and spinal alignment, which are essential for quality sleep.

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Avoid sinking in your bed by using a quality mattress foundation. Our mattress foundations are made of top-notch materials.

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We are a trusted mattress company in Newport News, Virginia, and our range of products is enticing. We have made a special effort to ensure that you enjoy deep and amazing sleep. Whether you need a mattress, bedsheets, or adjustable beds, you can reach out to Sleep Essentials.

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